150 days – was Rangers outrage worth it?


 Article by: Kirsty

Here at Ibrox Noise we have already spoken at length about the current issue in Scottish football that moronic ‘fans’ think it’s acceptable to launch missiles at players on the pitch. Just on this weekend there have been lighters, pies, coconuts, flares all thrown onto the pitch in Scottish football.

Now on the base level, I don’t blame fans for finding the funny side of a coconut being launched (how did they even get that into the stadium?!) but this is an issue that’s only getting worse.

The ‘fan’ who ran onto the pitch at Easter Road to try and assault captain James Tavernier was today in court. 21-year old Cameron Mack was today jailed for 150 days and hit with a 10-year football ban. Mack’s excuse is that he was ‘intoxicated and remembers little or nothing about the incident’.

That’s now Mr Mack with a Criminal Record because no doubt he thought it would be funny to assault a player of a team not of his allegiance. Was it funny? No. All he achieved was making himself look like a moron.

The same goes for anyone else who thinks it’s ‘funny’ to run onto pitches and aim abuse or aggression at players. Who launch missiles from the stands and let off flares. I do quite wonder how Mr Mack feels now that he’s banged up for 150 days. Would he still reckon it’s worth it?

It is time this is stamped out in Scottish football and pronto. If that means jailing those found guilty and then giving them football bans then so be it. Hell slap it into them.


  1. That's justice, there. 150 days and ten year ban. Maybe stop the rest of the bampots that think they'll try it.

  2. The problem we have at the moment is that these tanked up morons have the potential to do some real damage to a player or official and lets not forget the appalling images of the linesman hit by the coin at Livi by one of our own so call supporters. I really fear the way things are going with the absolute venom that is displayed (mostly towards us) that a player/official may get stabbed.

  3. The problem here is that the punishment for this sort of thing has never been serious. Now they are taking it more seriously. To be honest I think this poor lad has been dealt with very severely. He didn't look like he was dangerous – he was just seriously pissed. However now that he has been made an example of they need to start thinking about how we stop this happening. I go to Ibrox every home game and, whilst we have an almost impeccable record on this sort of thing, there is potential for all sorts of things happening. There is no presence on the turnstiles to stop you taking in whatever you want. With smart cards anyone could walk in there with a rifle. It's not secure. And it can never be without mass holdups getting fans in. Only a brand new stadium could sort it. I bet you couldn't walk into Spurs new stadium like that without setting off an alarm. But that's all fantasy stuff. I don't think there is a problem at Ibrox – we seem to be one of the few grounds which control this sort of stuff. My theory on this is that because we are the most successful club of all time we are more relaxed about it and don't feel the need to attack others. But other grounds need to think about how they control this.

  4. When you examine what this numpty actually did then the sentence does seem harsh. Sure it could've been a lot worse and indeed frightening but it wasn't. He never did anything more than try to kick the ball away and make himself look like a complete twat. However, maybe this will finally send a strong message to those throwing things, invading the pitch, setting off flares or shouting racist or sectarian chants. You might just find yourself in the nick with a record and a ruined future. Maybe Macks actions will yet prove to be for the greater good.

  5. Poor lad? Harshly dealt with? FFS he’s a grown man with a family to set an example to. They must be so proud. If folk are thick enough to think that there won’t be consequences for actions like this, then it’s probably best if they don’t go out at all.

    • BB, I don't condone what he did and will happily call him an idiot and an embarrassment to his family but if you examine what he actually did and not what he could've or might've done then I consider a 100 day prison sentence on the harsh side. But he has no one to blame but himself. Let that be a lesson to others.

  6. It's got to be Dealt with!
    What would have happened if say he had been carrying a blade?

    He should have received a Harsher Punishment
    1. A Whole Year in Jail
    2. A 10 Year FBO
    And a £1500 Fine

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