“Worst he’s played in our shirt” – 2 – the worst and best rated v Kilmarnock


After yet another shocking result in what is currently turning into a pretty horrendous run of form, Ibrox Noise rates and slates the best and worst of today’s performers in Govan.

How many do you share?


Tried to bail his defence out at the goal, but got his timing all wrong. Otherwise not a save for the goalie to make. Surreal day from Rangers’ number one. 5


His dry patch continues, but he didn’t lack for leadership – plenty of communication and while not the best captain, not the worst either. As for his performance – tried to get in plenty of crosses and none hit their mark, and was so embarrassingly caught napping for the goal as to be absurd. 4


This was the worst Goldson has played in our shirt. Horrific brain burp to let a clear corner go out despite 5 seconds to stop it, plus was a lucky lucky boy not to see red for an absolutely ridiculous swipe later on as effective last man/goalscoring chance. Oh, and totally out of position for the goal and just didn’t look like he could defend his honour never mind his goalkeeper. 2


Soaked up all the aerial balls which came his way, and tried in earnest to get forward and support advanced areas. Was left exposed by both Goldson and Tavernier for the goal and is blameless for it – but couldn’t get close. Not the worst he’s played. 6


Ineffective like his team mates, Halliday gave the ball away from deep a few times with aimless lumps, and generally just not a bright day for him. 5


Another appalling cross-field pass nearly cost a goal again – for a ‘tidy’ player he makes big errors in big matches and while the rest of his game was steady enough, he certainly didn’t stand out. 5


A surprise return for the Malian, Coulibaly didn’t struggle nor did he excel. He was a link man in this and lacked any conviction. Role wasn’t his best, that’s for sure. 5


We’ve slated this boy in recent weeks, only fair we praise him for his best display since coming back, which isn’t admittedly saying much. He tried hard to make things happen, and when he made mistakes he dug in to try to fix them. He was, by a distance, Rangers’ best player on a very bad day. 7


Barely noticeable – too busy running about with his puppy legs to actually have impact on the match. Rightly hauled at HT. 4


His earlier form has deserted him and he’s starting to resemble that out of place Ryan Kent from the start of the season who makes bad decisions and has no real direction. One or two half decent runs but overall he’s toothless at the moment. 5


Superb run, turn, and smash for the goal, but that was his only contribution in a match starved of service. He was kicked even more than usual but gave it good back – managed to keep his frustration in check. 6



In fairness to him, again, we’ve slated him badly recently, and while this display did not win us over, he did at least find his crossing again. Not so much the range, mind you, with every attempt over shooting, but at least he tried. We were also delighted to see some passion from him as he raged over an advantage that wasn’t given. 5


Did work hard, and with more confidence might have nailed a goal, but isn’t exactly looking the part and didn’t offer a hell of a lot more than the man he replaced in truth. 5


Desperate measures here – at least he got a shot away. 4

Steven Gerrard:

A bizarre team selection in many ways – he made some changes but not entirely good ones. The Davis switch vindicated him, but we can’t fathom Coulibaly starting over McCrorie. Katic just about justified his place, but if Gerrard wanted to shake things up, these weren’t the changes to do it. And we can’t help the feeling this team isn’t playing for him any more. It can’t beat Hibs, Killie, Aberdeen or almost anyone else these days of gravity, and while it was marginally better in the second half, it’s just all looking like it’s running on empty. Not great. 5


  1. P45 for Gerrard, he is fucking useless proved again once more, we will get humiliated when we meet the beasts from the east, Coulibaly is a fucking cowboy and shouldn't even be on the bench and as for Goldson… A waste of fucking space

  2. Surely Gerrard or someone round him, should be looking at changing the formation, becsuse this is just not working, if Morelos isn’t scoring no one is. We have two wingers/ support widemen who run around a lot but their lack of key crosses, assist and goals Is shocking. Maybe because there is only one player to try and find in the box, and he isn’t known for his aerial ability. Give a 5-3-2 a go, I know this would make it difficult for Kent and Candeias but they are giving us very little just now anyway, might see a better performance from Tav and Barisic as wingbacks, Lafferty and Morelos up top. Even a 4-4-2 would be worth a try, we don’t have the players to effectively use this current formation unless as against bottom feeding teams, so come on Stevie, your paid the big bucks to make tough decisions, so prove your willing to be bold, anything has to be better than this

  3. This is starting to really feel like Crap Manager Mark 3, but I will say it again, the problem runs a lot deeper, ain't that right Mr King!!! J

  4. Murty was put out of his misery after a Parkhead humiliation, Miller sacked & Wallace sent in “Coventry” for complaining …

    4 games without a win & Parkhead next – where the best we done is draw in recent history. How can this be acceptable to us?

    Are SG’s defenders really Rangers supporters – wake up & smell the coffee …

    The season has finished 3/4 of a season for season ticket holders again – short changed again!

    Let’s plan for the future, properly this time running out of chances to stop 10 in a ro. Who will be our next manager – bring back Bill Struth reincarnated.

    We will be parachuting in poor Walter Smith at this rate ….

    • you are entitled to your opinion, but if you want SG out, who do you want in, what will it cost, who will they buy at what cost, what will it cost to get rid of the players you don't want, and once you have your total, where the feck is the money going to come from?

  5. I can only assume Worrall wasn’t fit yesterday – otherwise the centre back pairing at the moment should simply be him and one other.

  6. The league challenge is over now. Time for Gerard to dump the loan signings and start to develop youth for next season.

  7. Let's hope this break gets us time to regroup and try and finish the season off in some form. It was poor again I was surprised at Coulibally and Candaills selection given his last outing which was awful . Goldson needs a rest Halliday will never be a left back ever !!!
    Steven Davis showed flashs of the player he was but we didn't punish when chances presented.

  8. I will hazard a guess – Gerrard wants players who can pass a ball around in lots of little quick triangles and Mcrorie doesn't have that in his locker. Unfortunately for us the reason we are so poor is because we need a Mcrorie type in there. It is all nice playing little quick intricate passes but it goes nowhere if you can't finish it with a goal. Clarke loved it yesterday watching our team run about the middle and on the wings allowing him to protect the real dangerous area at the edge of his own box and midfield. What he wouldn't have liked would seeing Mcrorie bully his midfielders and win up posession and get passes forward.

  9. Gerrard should be scored 1. His lack of ability to motivate his players is evident. If those same players are capable of comfortably beating Celtic, then they are frauds for not producing the same game in every game we play. Our season is over, and the players have downed tools accordingly. No fight, no urgency and no respect of the jersey of fans! Utter frauds!

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