Will Stevie G make proposed headline move for alpha rival this summer?


Further to our earlier article about Alex McLeish and his predilections regarding Scotland’s selections these days is a notable player we mentioned in there.

Graeme Shinnie has been linked with Rangers for a very long time now, with a lot of sources claiming Steven Gerrard is serious about taking a second Aberdeen captain to Ibrox in as many years.

A free this summer, Shinnie, 27, has been a regular for his country since last year, and while his style is certainly not the most polished or imbued with finesse, he is certainly effective – and he’s most definitely a leader.

He is, of course, something of a utility player – capable at left back, midfield and defensive midfield, the former Inverness player has seen his value and importance rocket over the past year or so, with a previous value of £500K at least doubling since then.

He might not be quite Paolo Maldini but many fans have oft-complained of a rudderless lack of leadership – and while some could have projected Ryan Jack for that role, the truth is, to us anyway, he doesn’t scream of being a captain.

Shinnie, we have to admit, does. He inspires those around him and is a major reason Gerrard has struggled against the Dons this season – Rangers need that kind of alpha player, because right now there just aren’t enough leaders on Rangers’ pitch – Tavernier still hasn’t convinced anyone he’s the right captain, while the only remaining options are McGregor and Arfield.

A proper alpha in midfield or left back to really rally those around them is something Rangers are missing.

Whether it’s to be Shinnie in there or not, only time will tell.


  1. Guy might not be a world beater but he at least gives it out and doesn't get bullied,SG has to do what Souness nd Smith done and bring in the type of player who does his job with no frills and allows the playmakers to do theirs

  2. I would take him just to piss off Aberdeen. At worst he would bring great SPFL experience and provides good cover in multiple positions.
    Watched him closely at Ibrox last week and wasn't too impressed. He undoubtably gets fired in, takes no nonsense and seems to lead his team quite well but lacks the skills required to be a top quality midfield player. The dilemma is that he is 100% a better leader and captain than Tavernier but is not as good a player. We could of course have both. It may be a kick in the teeth to Tavernier but frankly whether or not we sign Shinnie we have to find a better captain. I would think DM might be his best position and see if we can utilise Ryan Jack further forward.

  3. I have a question for my fellow bears, year in year out we are losing money, I hope we get more loans or someone to finance the next chapter but I have my reservation. Keep Morelos for another year and get rid of dead wood, gonna be hard to knock them off top spot but not impossible,watp

  4. I hope today's performance by shinnie finally puts a nail in the coffin as far as getting him goes… He is rotten and means we are not improving.. I'd take mccrorie over him all day

  5. I saw Kazakhstans 3 goals on the news and noticed they all came from the left back spot. It was only later I realised it was Shinnie. Not good!

  6. As a blue nose living in Aberdeen
    The only plus on any deal is pissing them off, and trust me they would really be pissed. Personally I dont think he is anywhere near good enough, he's a thug on the pitch. Not clever enough, I could see the refs having a field day if he played in blue. Like McInnes he's at his level, lets just leave it there.