Why can’t Rangers fans make up their minds over POTY candidate…?


We noted with amusement some of the responses last night to Scotland’s latest misery on their travels. Sure, they won, but barely, and only against the worst team in world football. Now, technically we’re sure there are some club teams even worse than San Marino, but we imagine the margin isn’t that great from a side who have lost 27 (28 now) in a row.

However, post-match we were forced to firmly bite our collective tongues when a number of replies advocated the selection of Ryan Jack, especially given the ‘form he’s in’.

Regulars will know our articles recently on Jack – how we disputed Eck’s rejection of him and suggested the national manager had been swallowed up by the anti-Rangers agenda riddled in our game.

The responses suggested many of our audience did not agree, much to our disbelief given he’d been the toast of supporters up till a fortnight earlier.

So for another 180 among our esteemed fanbase to now see supporters regaling his virtues and being outraged over his exclusion really did raise an eyebrow or two from us.

The fact is Jack has been lauded the majority of this season – so we’re still at a loss as to why supporters who previously advocated him suddenly about-turned on him in the past fortnight.

And even more so why they about-turned again last night!

There are only two unpredictable things on this planet – the weather, and human opinions, and we’re not even sure about the former.

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