“Where is he” – fans can’t understand axe for favourite


When yesterday’s team sheet arrived, not only did the selection of Lassana Coulibaly stick out like a sore thumb, but his place ahead of Ross McCrorie did too.

We simply cannot understand why McCrorie, in stellar form as he was a couple of months ago, has been axed to the bench.

Well, we can – Gerrard signed Glen Kamara and quite simply replaced McCrorie. For reasons we can’t fathom. Kamara has by no means disgraced himself, and looked fairly smooth, but some appalling errors in the past two games seem to have been quietly overlooked by many and we’re not sure he’s the big-time player McCrorie (remember that colossal display v Celtic) has proven himself to be.

Sure, they are different players, with a belief that Kamara uses the ball better and McCrorie is more of a destroyer, but regardless of it all, for Coulibaly to be the one to come in yesterday ahead of young Ross has us scratching our heads.

Some fans reacted on social media in disbelief, wondering if the Auchenhowie graduate is ‘copping off’ with Stevie’s missus.

Of course these are emotional fan reactions to a team sheet but we really do wonder just why the outstanding young midfielder was dumped so readily to the bench as soon as the Finn came in, and why Coulibaly was given the nod yesterday.

McCrorie is one of the best midfielders we have, and it’s our contention he should be playing.

It’s just a shame Stevie G does not agree.


  1. Especially when Gerrard made the statement that Ross McCrorie is a future captain of this club! Fuck the future, make him captain NOW & throw him in there, it didn't do Barry Ferguson any harm being a captain at a young age!! We certainly don't have any leaders in the park as it is, so give Ross the arm band & let him settle into the roll now that the season is as good as over for us anyway!

  2. He needs to play in the bigger games especially against teams like Celtic, Aberdeen and Kilmarnock when the games are more physical and winning the ball back is so important.

  3. Should never have been dropped in the first place, he was our best player at the time. This lad wants to play for us, knows what it means to play for us, so why he doesn't play is beyond me. Future captain.

  4. McCrorie is not as good as you say. If he becomes a Rangers Captain it will be as a centre back. We will be in need of one if not two next season. One good game against Celtic does not a great player make. We certainly need strength in midfield but skill to go with it. This is where Scottish football in general fails. We have been at best this season when both Jack and Arfield have played. Where were they yesterday? Coulibaly looked good in Sept. perhaps Gerrard feels , as I do, that we should have a squad capable of winning any game in Scotland. These guys get paid plenty. And sitting on bench for moths on end waiting for an injury to a team mate is demoralising. We have lost games to individual stupid mistakes. McCorie is not exempt. We are building for future. Next season is what it is all about and we must make sure we finish 2nd. But SG will be getting rid of a lot who we are really relying on at present. Not an easy task for him. What other manager would do better? McInnes? No the bigger picture is we should be playing attractive soccer to European standard and playing well in Europe. Any half decent manager could do what Levein and Clarke have done this year. But we need to rise above them. I think that’s what SG is trying to do. He has had bad luck with injuries, dreadful refereeing , incompetent administration from SFA , and a bag of highly paid dickheads to get off payroll. All in in all a huge task. Get behind him.

  5. Its not a situation that we are not getting behind Gerrard Coulibaly will not be here next season he played well in a few games early doors since that he has been poor McCrorie offers much more than him especially in commitment we also have a player out on loan Gregg Docherty who in my opinion is in the queue before Coulibaly We should have been recruiting strikers Defoe and Lafferty are well past their best and we have only one quality striker on our books Morelos

  6. That is why Gerrard needs to go. He can't pick the right player for the his team. Coulibaly is a liability, yet Gerrard persists with him! Gerrard should only pick players if they could improve the team? Putting Coulibaly weakens the team, therefore shows Gerrard arrogance and putting his ego in front of our club. Gerrard will never improve our team, mark my words!

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