Those Joe Worrall rumours just won’t go away….


As an earlier piece discussed, defender Joe Worrall divides Rangers supporters significantly, with, in all fairness, a majority veering towards opposition to his selection. We earlier mentioned his stunning alleged value, plus referred to his stats from last year which showed just how impressive his numbers actually are when put under the microscope, but recently unsubstantiated rumours which have persisted for a number of weeks have put a different spin on his frequent selection.

Regardless of his competence one way or the other, regardless of his supposed market value, there are a number of ‘rumours’ claimed about his repeated selection:

1: There is a simple clause in his contract that stipulates his importance in playing – that he simply must play if fit and available, in echoes of allegations about Lee McCulloch back in the day.

2: Rangers cannot afford to not play him as to send him back to Forest would lose Rangers money amidst claims the only way the City Ground side were able to retrieve him in January was by paying a fee for his return.

We have issues with both of these claims, frankly;

First of all, a manager would have to be weak minded and beyond desperate for a particular player rather than a position to accept a clause where his team was being picked for him by contractual obligations. There were a tonne of other defenders Gerrard could have got – why go for one who was under contractual stipulation to appear?

Secondly, this idea that Forest would have to pay for their own player back is beyond ridiculous – they’re the ones loaning him out, they own him – he’s a Forest supporter and he’d jump at the chance to be first pick for Martin O’Neill’s team. Why on earth would they agree to pay a fee to take him back, as should be their right?!

This is not to say these rumours are indeed piffle – we can’t deny it any more than anyone else because, unlike Forest, Rangers and Worrall’s agent, we’ve not looked at his contract.

But we will say that if there is truth in either of them, then both Rangers and Forest, depending on which one is real, have shown astonishing idiocy in agreeing such a deal – Rangers for accepting a right-to-play clause, and Forest for agreeing to pay for their own property back.

But surely it’s all nonsense and Gerrard really does just rate the boy?


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  1. I agree it is beyond nonsense that a contract can stipulate that a player must be guaranteed a place. No manager could accept that. However, what if Forest plan to sell him in summer? If he plays well Rangers may wish to buy him or if Forest get a big fee for him Rangers May get a cut. In either case Rangers may have a vested interest in playing him. If there is not much to choose between him and Katic, in SG,s judgement, this might explain everything. Personally I don’t think he is good enough but he is a very big guy to handle thugs in Scotland.

  2. 1. Worrall plays so much because it's in the Loan Agreement

    2. He isn't any special and I HOPE we don't sign him Permanently

    3. £7.5m ? 😂😂 …more like £2.5mill at Best

  3. It's all a bit odd. I also find it hard that Gerrard is playing him due to contract clauses, but no one can be sure.

    As for Worral – I would take him in a heartbeat! Quality written all over him but sometimes people are too critical and are picking up on little things that can and will be ironed out of his game.

    He sometimes switched off in smaller games(so did Amo and Boogie), but he is absolutey a big game player, he plays with his heart on his sleeve, he goes in full blooded and never backs out of challenges. And for me, in another 4 seasons by the time he is Goldsons age he will be a class act and a much better player than Goldson.

    He is only 22 years old, off course he is going to have flaws and inconsistencies in his game, that's what happens when we are learning! But the reason he has a highly regarded down south isn't because of what he has now(why he was loaned out), it's his potential(which is why he will return to Forrest a better player). And he has all the marking and traits of being a top cenetre half and leader of whatever team he ends up at. Just my opinion fellas..

    But trust me – if you ever seen a young Richard Gough, Terry Butcher you would have seen similar traits in this kid..