Thursday, 7 March 2019

Third side named as Morelos suitors continue to circle...

A clutch of European giants are now trailing Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos, despite manager Steven Gerrard’s claims that ‘nothing changes’, with Bundesliga giants RB Leipzig now named among the many suitors interested in shelling out big money this summer.

The Colombian international is 100% gone this summer but only at the right price, and Stewart Robertson has confirmed Rangers will not sell for less than £20M.

And this is not a sum outwith the reach of Leipzig, Dortmund or Leicester, as the latest three names to be monitoring the ex-HJK forward.

The 22-year has long-admitted he sees his future in the English Premier League, and whether that is granted or not this summer, should Rangers get a bid £20M or above from any of the mentioned sides or indeed any other, he will go.

Gerrard obviously wants to keep his main man, but his demeanour in today’s presser was a lot less defiant and he seems resigned now to the likelihood of a sale.

But the potential cash for reinvestment could be significant indeed.


  1. Out of those 3, I'd most like Him to go to Borussia Dortmund 🤔🙌🏻

  2. Perhaps we need to wonder how many of the rumours actually have any foundation, as opposed to media speculation which frequently turns out rubbish. I did see that Brendan Rodgers, when asked about Morelos at his press conference today, his reply was "I think someone is trying to wind someone up".
    It MIGHT be there is not the level of interest that the media are reporting. Or maybe I am just unrealistically hopeful that we get another season out of him...

    1. I'm sure there is a lot of media speculation to drum up headlines but at the same time don't be under any illusion that clubs will be watching Morelos.

  3. Will they pay off any of that 14 mill debt, with that?


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