Friday, 8 March 2019

There's something else about Alfredo's new deal...

As we’re covering today, Alfredo Morelos committed quill to parchment yet again to extend his theoretical deal at Ibrox to 2023, with the obviousness of his sale this summer fresh on the horizon.

We’ve praised him for signing this deal, giving the club back something after we gave him so much, and the club for preparing for the inevitable, presumably by way of a kitty-securing release clause which we’d imagine to be in the £15M and above range.

However, there’s something else Rangers have undeniably guaranteed – and we only need say the name of Virgil Van Dijk for wily readers to know what we babble on about.

Yes, for any asset like a Morelos or Van Dijk, a sell-on clause becomes critical for a club like Rangers or indeed Celtic.

Celtic included one extremely wisely for Van Dijk, and when the Dutch colossus moved on from his initial English team Southampton for a world record £75M for a defender (which, ridiculously, is starting to look like a genuine bargain) Celtic got a big chunk (£7.5M) of that cash.

This is not to say Morelos’ new club, whoever they may be, will be able to sell him on for money in that region (although who knows), but Rangers know if the Colombian does the business at his next club, he will become as valuable as any other prolific hitman and Rangers should get a healthy slice of any gigantic transfer fee he generates.

It’s al ifs and buts and maybes, of course, but the fact of the matter is that this new deal, coming only months after the last one, has been signed with the current increasing interest in the striker in mind.

With Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and Leicester (more on that later) among those credited with interest in the forward, and Stewart Robertson confirming the price Rangers want, his departure is now 99% sure.

The preparation, therefore, has been done to protect Rangers and get the most financial reward out of this situation as is possible.

And both the club and Morelos have done their part in ensuring that happens.
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