The end game for Alfredo Morelos


After yesterday’s dismal display from star performer Alfredo Morelos, the watching Eintracht Frankfurt scout would have left Easter Road nonethewiser as to whether the Colombian would be a good signing.

The German giants, fifth in the Bundesliga, are the first concrete link to show genuine interest in the striker and make positive moves towards recruiting him, joining the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Leicester, RB Leipzig and possibly Fenerbahce.

And their scout in Scotland last night would have watched a striker who showed little class, a lacklustre attitude, wastefulness in front of goal, and a poor temperament in flicking an opponent’s ear off the ball.

If Morelos wants to get his move out, and in his defence, he was kicked all over the park last night so we don’t altogether blame him, he will need to rise above the provocation and not let his weaker performances get to him like they currently do.

The fact is Morelos (we really want to stop churning out repeated articles about him but then he does seem to be the centre of attention) is two players, and the wrong one showed up for the Frankfurt spy.

There will be others, more scouts will watch Morelos before the season is out, but that’s two matches in a row where the former Helsinki striker has looked off the pace, disinterested and petulant.

Maybe he’s had enough, of the thugathon that is the SPL (more on that later) – but he is more than capable of dishing out the same treatment too. Either way, we do sense with the new deal and his recently deteriorating form, his time in Scotland is rapidly coming to an end.

Whether Frankfurt will still be interested after that display remains to be seen.


  1. See, our beloved Rangers only 'shine' and have great displays, against the wee teams. This has been our reality, all season. Get a top-six SPL team in opposition and we switch off and go to sleep. We are simply NOT the 'BEST' and have a long way to go, until we are. I personally think SG has too much of 'Murty' in him, that he never seems to punish or bench them, when they need a boot up the arse. It's obvious to me, we need another clearout. Starting, with the NI three.

  2. To be fair I watched the Liverpool game against Burnley and Mo Salah, who would probably be worth more than £75m, couldn't do anything right and had a stinker. Just goes to show even the best players can have an off day. Morelos will shine again.

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