Surprise news could be the beginning at Ibrox for Rangers star

Surprise news could be the beginning at Ibrox for Rangers star

Regular readers of Ibrox Noise will know we’re not Borna Barisic’s biggest fans.

The kid has talent, and a hell of a left peg, we don’t deny either – but he’s shown a lack of bottle, courage, and general cohesion with both his team mates and the Scottish game that Andy Halliday fills and then some.

Halliday has also produced some very decent crosses and set piece deliveries, something which goes unnoticed by those who want to believe that a Croat international is the superior player.

Which he should be – and with a call up again for his country confirmed today, the former Osijek man really is in a place where if he is going to start delivering for his club, having a good match or two with the mighty Croatia, a truly world class squad, is the place to start.

Borna Barisic has everything to prove. Some fans suggest he has already been great for Rangers – we just cannot reconcile with that.

He can cross, absolutely, but not so much recently. He has an excellent corner, yes, but again, it’s usually Kent who takes them (and assisted Joe Worrall’s goal on Sunday direct from one) these days.

He doesn’t show so much gumption on the ball, he doesn’t beat men, and he is just far too meek in performances to show that he’s got what it takes to wear this shirt.

When he had that bandage on and scored and created over those two legs against Rangers, he looked the real deal – but those two legs remain the best we’ve seen of him.

You do not get called up to the Croatian national squad repeatedly if you can’t play a bit, and few would be happier than us if a top class Croat realised his potential in our shirt and got adjusted to the style of our play and produced the kind of performances which encouraged a £2M investment.

You see, it’s not so much we rate Halliday so much, it’s just that we find it absurd a natural attacking midfielder seems better at left back than Borna blinking Barisic half the time – and we call that out frequently.

Far better for this club that Barisic gets a grip of the game here and becomes what he clearly is capable of being.

And that starts by shining for his country.

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  1. He has had his chance and didn't take it. Nos. 2 and 3 are going to get targeted repeatedly until this season ends. Bet on it.

  2. He will leave the hustle and bustle of the SPL and be a star. Just lacks a bit aggression to play up against the hammer throwers here.

  3. I feel it is unfair to pick out one player. The only consistent players we have had all season thus far is McGregor and Morelos! The rest have been decidedly inconsistent, hence why we have dropped so many points against the so called lesser teams.
    BB has had a few good games, and he definitely has the ability. But I agree, like most of the team, he has been inconsistent.
    My question mark is also over Gerrard. To not put any subs on against Aberdeen just reeks of lack of bottle and/or tactical know how to win the game. Not for the first time either this season!
    After all the plaudits of beating 10 man Killie, Hamiton and Dundee, we failed miserably to play with the same tempo and urgency again Aberdeen, why? Did most of our players bottle it? or was it Gerrard telling the players to be more defensive?
    We have proved we have the ability to beat every team in the league. There is and always will be a massive inconsistency problem. I want to win the league and cup, but on this seasons performance, I am struggling to see any of those happening!!!

  4. He is pish, I'd choose Halliday any day of the week over him and I never rated Halliday at all until recently but he made me eat my words, Barisic is just rank and God knows what the national team sees in him

  5. BB is technically very good as are most Croats better technically than Scots Kids . I have to blame Scottish Football for his lack of desire to mix it with the donkeys . Our referees also don't protect technical players. I think he will move on to a better standard of general play Spain or Germany perhaps it's a shame cause he has real potential . I worry more about Katic he will be completely shell shocked at his treatment Worrall has had a couple of good games but he is an ever fearful potential bannana skin away from a fuck up lots of times …whereas Katic although not a great passer defends basically and like a Lion .

  6. He's been an absolute disappointment. Halliday hopefully will save our bacon. Get BB gone, in the Summer. We are not in a position to 'carry' anybody, this season and he is NOT carrying his weight.

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