Thursday, 14 March 2019

Signings? What Rangers fans may have missed about Steven Gerrard...

With our earlier two pieces rating Steven Gerrard’s work in the transfer market, overall you’d have to say he didn’t really make the best use of £11M. £3M on Goldson was ok at best, and the Croat 3 at £6M haven’t properly worked out. Meanwhile the NI three similarly at £700K total have either not worked or not been in favour. Jamie Murphy cost another £1M but this one is just damned luck.

However, while his new signings have been at best patchy overall, Gerrard has achieved a signing triumph of sorts;

He’s massively overhauled a number of Rangers’ players and got way more out of them than previous managers.

You only have to look at the primo examples of Ross McCrorie, Ryan Jack and Alfredo Morelos as three players who have stood out superbly this season and really delivered. And whatever you think of James Tavernier’s overall merits, his stats this season are ridiculous for a right back.

And these are all under Gerrard’s watch.

Ross McCrorie has gone from an unsure and ill-fitting defender to a superb defensive midfielder who has power, pace and reading of the game. He had very little of these before Stevie took over.

Ryan Jack has gone from a modest DM who had more reputation than apparent ability to a midfield colossus, not only breaking up play and reading opposition attacks, but adding his own support to our attack too – he’s even added goals. He is a serious contender for POTY.

While Alfredo Morelos might drive us nuts with his Mr Hyde displays, and we probably are done with the circus surrounding him, nevertheless when on his game he’s exceptional and drives defences to despair. He’s the top scorer and should go for a song this summer. And that’s thanks to Gerrard.

Meanwhile Tav might not be captain material, and his performances might be lacking in conviction, but his stats are surreal and from RB to nail 11 goals and 11 assists is extraordinary. And again, it’s under Gerrard’s watch.

So while Stevie’s acquisitions have been fair to middling, the impact he’s had on existing players cannot be underestimated and almost has them as new signings in themselves.

Well played.
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