Scottish record to be smashed as bidding war for Morelos begins….

Scottish record to be smashed as bidding war for Morelos begins….

It’s begun – serious interest in Alfredo Morelos is now underway following Leicester’s well-documented monitoring of the striker after a bidding war started up today.

German giants Borussia Dortmund joined the queue and following Managing Director Stewart Robertson’s concession that the striker would leave for no less than £20M, the fact serious players are now lining up to try to secure the hitman’s services suggests the £20M may well be broken before long.

Rangers now look like anything above £30M is a serious possibility for their star man, after the Westfalonstadion giants began to circle recently, with a number of other Bundesliga sides equally interested in prising his signature.

It is now certain the Colombian international will get his move this summer, but the question is now just how high is the bidding going to go?

With a number of rich players (don’t forget Fenerbahce as well) wanting to work a deal with him, Rangers hold all the aces and can indulge in a serious auction which could not only see that record-breaking sale for Dembele broken, but completely smashed.

He is on record as saying he wants the EPL, but equally money talks, and if German or Turkish giants want to pay him a colossal wage and Rangers a huge fee, that will work for all parties.

But, Leicester are hardly paupers either.

We shall see how this one develops.

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  1. Firstly,of course i don't want the fantastic alfredo morelos,to leave rangers in the summer.But putting my thinking head on for a minute,i do honestly think morelos will leave us at the end of this season.We just simply won't be able to turn down the sort of transfer fee that clubs will bid for morelos,in my opinion.
    Of the clubs currently mentioned,who are interested in signing morelos,i think borussia dortmund would be a fantastic club,for alfredo morelos
    to sign for.Dortmund are a massive german club and the bundesliga is a very high quality league.I think morelos would excel in german football.He has everything in his armoury,to make it to the top in football.Of course i'll be very sad,
    to see him leave us,but i truly feel its inevitable he will.So i hope it becomes an auction,between several clubs for his signature,which means my club will get top dollar for him.

    • Exactly. If he has to go, we want top dollar and for him to be happy. We also need a sell on clause, as his next club unlikely to be his last club.
      The gift that keeps on giving 🙂

  2. I agree, it will make a nice change for US to get top price for a player rather than having to pay top price for one. Leicester£15m + vardy would do forme

  3. Genuinely hope I’m wrong but I’ve got a horrible feeling he will go for £10-£12 million and we will be disappointed. That’s maybe me just being skeptics after being used to our hard luck over the last few years. Will be delighted if I’m proven wrong though! If we get daft money that means we can buy a decent replacement, get Kent in permanently and get a quality centre back in. Hopefully means less reliance on loan deals too!

    • There has been some scepticism on how much we can get for Morelos but remember Bournemouth paid £19m for Solanke who has done nothing in the game and Bayern were trying to sign a Chelsea youngster who had barely played a first team game for £30m. There are other examples of players in the EPL with huge price tags who can't get into their teams.

  4. I firmly believe he will, barring injury of course to be one of the most prolific goal scorers in world football. I wish he would stay but he has never hidden the fact that he wants to move into the biggest and best leagues in the world, so all I can hope is that we get over £20 million for him, after all he is only 22 and has succeeded in the Scottish game and he is scared of no-one. I wish him well wherever he goes, and it's one of the two signings that the bullfighter signed ⚽️⚽️⚽️

    • Morelos is not a natural goalscorer to do it at world level and he might never again play for a club like Rangers that dominate matches so much and create countless chances for him. Actually while I think he will get goals I see that as a secondary attribute to his work off the ball. I can imagine him causing havoc in defences with his buffalo style while more accomplished finishers like Salah or Defoe pick up the pieces.

  5. It's as inevitable as the sun rising in the morning that Morelos will go eventually, probably in the summer. Unfortunately we simply can't expect to hold on to any decent player for any length of time. That just makes it all the more important that we maximise our investment and get top dollar for him.
    I'd say £20m is ambitious given that he has been performing in Scottish football, has a shocking disciplinary record and has made it known he wants to leave. But let's hope so. That would allow us to bring in a decent replacement. In truth it shouldn't be too difficult to bring in someone who can score goals in Scottish football but the other aspects of his game will be much more of a challenge to replace.

  6. So Ibrox noise, who has put bids in for him? I not read that anywhere.
    Transfer market has him valued at £3m, now am not saying thats what his value is, they have worrell at £7.5m. but it's a long way from £30m.
    No team is going to pay over £10m for a striker who hasn't done it in the big games.
    Dembele was scoring goals on a regular basis for the French u21 team, he was scoring in the champions League against teams like man city and he scored most times we faced him.
    I think your getting fans expecting we are going to get mega money for him, over £20m, when it is far more likely to be around half of that.
    Which would be an amazing amount of profit on a player we signed for £1m

    • BB – looks like you're more eager to prove this site wrong than actually listen to the facts. Stewart Robertson, our managing director, has already announced he expects £20M for the striker. We'd rather listen to what the club expects than your negativity.

    • Bigbaws,
      Remember your comment and come back to mock us in the summer. Or be man enough to admit you were wrong, if Morelos goes for over £10 million.
      I will wait to see your post in the summer.

  7. No worries, am big enough to say sorry when am wrong. Considering we have taken peanuts for players like Barry mckay and waghorn. So £10m represents good, good business

  8. Come on Brenda, give us the war chest we need to stop 9 in a row….!!!! He would finally get the statue he craves in Glasgow, maybe closer to Govan than he thought!!!

  9. £10 million + add ons is the best we will get scoring goals in Scotland does not impress down in EPL. That fanny LG scored 40 goals in 15/16 don’t remember any £30 million bids for that dick

  10. Getting £15-£17m & A Half Decent Striker in Return for Morelos might be a Better Option than £22-25m Straight Up
    (Depending on the club that Wins)

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