Right or wrong – Gerrard’s ruthless Rangers exits


With Rangers’ progress stuttering a little of late, we at Ibrox Noise had an idea to look into the ‘not Rangers’ area. That is, significant players Steven Gerrard rejected in favour of other squad members or his own signings.

Which ones did he get right, and which ones do we miss?

Jason Holt:

Kind of a stick on, Holt, honourable wee player, never seemed good enough for Rangers once promoted, and despite his goal yesterday, he’s not someone we miss at all. Verdict: correct

Greg Docherty:

Still rankles this one – tearing up League One, Docherty has been a revelation for a truly terrible side, standing out as one of the division’s best players among it all. He’s one we feel would be better suited inside a blue shirt rather than Coulibaly. Verdict: wrong

Jason Cummings:

Cummings was creaming himself to play for us, and would have cost very little, but Stevie just wasn’t interested and instead went with Umar Sadiq then Jermain Defoe. Bright start to life at Peterborough but the goals dried up and he’s now languishing on Luton’s bench having had just one league appearance – comically enough with a goal. Verdict: wrong

Jak Alnwick:

Having a fine time at Scunthorpe, Alnwick is a better keeper than Foderingham and Firth, and has proven that in our shirt and down south too. But he’s no Allan McGregor. Verdict: wrong

Carlos Pena:

Stevie wasn’t interested. Not hard to see why. Verdict: correct

Josh Windass:

There are conflicting claims from both camps about who actually initiated this departure – but Windass claimed Gerrard wasn’t happy at his decision, but did little to fight to keep him, while Gerrard himself said the player was set on going. Tricky one but with 9 assists and goals in the Championship, Windass has done quite well down south given Rangers’ painful lack of a 10. Verdict: wrong

Declan John:

Given all our issues at LB, it’s easy to say this was a huge booboo – but John has hardly played for Swansea through injury and loss of favour. That said, he was extremely good for us, and by no means any worse than what we have. Verdict: wrong

Ryan Hardie:

We can’t understand why this kid isn’t more favoured – he keeps doing it at every level but won’t be given a chance at Ibrox. By any manager. With 5 in 14 for Livi, he’s a player that produces. We’d love him back. Verdict: wrong

Joe Dodoo:

Another striker, with two goals and two assists in league one, plus 6 and 4 in total, Dodoo has actually been pretty decent for Blackpool. Better than what we have? Hard to say really – but we probably don’t miss him that much. Verdict: correct

Lee Hodson:

Never clinched a first-team place and failed to convince at LB, Hodson is over at St Mirren these days and does his thing quietly. He’s a modest fullback but probably surplus at Ibrox. Verdict: correct

These are only a few of them – we can’t help feeling the Docherties, Cummings, Hardies and Johns would have been better at Ibrox, but then we’re equally happy the likes of Pena and Herrera (remember him) aren’t around these days.

A mixed bag.


  1. Feel you are wrong with Windass, the hide and seek champion and would still like to see Cummings back in a light blue shirt and can't wait for Doherty to come home

  2. Only 1 we miss is Docherty. However, we miss him because hes performed well gaining valuable of experience on his loan move. So i think it was a correct decision thats benefitted Doc and he will be back a better player. The rest werent good enough. Windass?? Plays for 10 mins then disappears for 80? No thanks. Correct decision.

  3. I agree with Stevie 100%. Playing well for Scunthorpe , Wigan etc is not a great recommendation. Certainly not for Glasgow Rangers.Docherty May be OK.

    • Playing well for a English Championship side isn't a great recommendation? Not sure we follow your reasoning Alan!

    • Maybe hes getting at he doesnt think wigan being near the bottom of championship and scunthorpe near bottom of league one is a good standard to judge how a player is doing and i agree. I know we are nowhere near what we used to be but we are not as bad as lower league 1 teams

    • So why sign Connor Goldson who couldn't get a game for then-bottom of the EPL Brighton, or Kent who struggled for Barnsley and Ejaria, and Worrall who was out of favour at struggling Forest? If we judge our exits based on the club they're at, surely we do the same with our signings?

    • Very unfair. Goldson had lost his place due to serious illness at Brighton. He was adored by their fans.
      When he recovered from illness he had been replaced(obviously). The guy has shown terrific courage in his personal life. Worrall had played 50 games for Forest as a youngster but was an under 21 international. Worth a chance. I didn’t make comment on signings but departures. Windass had no heart. Alnwick had one really good game. As you have commented you will not always get all signings right. SG had to get people in quickly. So some mistakes have been made but getting rid of dross is essential. This summer will be better. Try and see big picture.

    • I would get rid of goldson and worrall AND tav not one of them can defend tavs final ball is atrocious now and when hes rampaging forward every opposing player knows he does is one trick to come inside . Sg needs to stand up to the board and let him play wallace who by a long is the best left back we have. One player who we have let go on loan which is a good move is rossiter i have watched him play his heart out in last 7 games seems to be back fully fit and he never stops running and winning ball back and sends grest thru balls

  4. Can’t believe folks still bleat about Cummings. He’s proved down South just how good he is and if he wants to come back north, I’m sure he could do a job in the Championship – that’s where he pas previously proved his ability. I would have kept Windass – proved he could score at top level up here and he might have responded well to the new influx of players under SG. Other than that, SGs decisions were all correct.
    Not quite sure how Alnwick has proven to be a better keeper than Fod or Firth, but I don’t suppose it matters…..

  5. Docherty for me. The rest are just not Rangers class. We need players who are good enough and have the bottle and fight to win every game! Someone who is able to hold the weight of a Rangers jersey. Players we simply do not have, McGregor aside!

  6. Docherty? What is it with you guys? One of the best midfielders in the world decides he's not good enough yet and loans him out for experience. But no you know best…..hes not or maybe will never be good enough for SG.

    • James, I'd put Docherty in front of Jack, McCrorie and most certainly Coulibaly. Our current midfield is mince! You need a very strong pair, and less tinted, glasses to see that! Gerrard has failed this season! He may have been a great player, but he is a less than an average manager for our club!

  7. Let's state some facts here:
    Docherty was on the bench for Shrewsbury yesterday so perhaps not the raging success you suggest.
    Cummings can't even get into League One Peterborough team.
    Windass on the bench for Wigan so obviously been found out there too.
    John can't get a game for Championship Swansea.
    Ryan Hardie 5 in 14 for Livingston. Do you think if Hardy was a Livingston player that those stats would make him a Rangers signing target?
    The players quoted were here last and were ALL part of the problem. The fact that they are mostly struggling to hold down a place in low level English clubs confirms to me that they lack the qualities required for a Glasgow Rangers player. I might make an exception for Docherty given his age, his desire to play for us, and his battling qualities. He has at least had some some degree of success down south.

  8. Mostly agree, but I'd like to have seen Windass stay, yes he is a bit of a Marmite player, I have certainly criticised him in past seasons, but theres no denying his goal scoring ability….15+ goals from MF last season, something Arfield has struggled to provide us with, albeit Arfield is a better all round player than Windass…. Tough one to call, but always good for a debate amongst fans!

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