Rangers have just pulled a multi-million pound blinder…


In securing Alfredo Morelos’ signature to another deal, not only do we praise the striker for signing it, but Rangers for preparing for the inevitable in as wise a fashion as possible to enable the absolute best deal for the club.

Not only do we now know Morelos will go for a lot of money, a heck of a lot in fact, but by drafting up a new deal Rangers’ board have prepared for this fully by, presumably, inserting a colossal release clause to ensure the monies received for our star pupil really will be utterly mind-boggling.

Whether the clause will be for £15M or £20M, the safety net for the club is that that’s only where the bidding starts this summer.

A club can trigger his release clause, giving him freedom to negotiate with them, but someone else coming in with a thicker wad of notes sees that first bid voided – should Morelos be interested in the new suitor. And then someone else can outbid them and so on and so forth.

The point is both the club and Morelos must be commended here for smart preparation for the future and, on Morelos’ part, loyalty to his employer who have given him everything – he has signed a deal for longer, ensuring a higher value attached to him, plus the certainty of a healthy release clause which Rangers will have secured in there too.

It’s excellent work all round, with one more sweet touch in there too… and we’ll discuss that in a later entry…


  1. Excellent piece of business 👏👏👏
    Still winning💪


  2. Brilliant piece piece of business!
    Excellent management of the club – great to see such evidence that we have people who know what they are doing.

  3. Hoping this gets us another year. Then, if we win the league this year or next, he is going to want a shot at the Champions League before he goes. By then, our financial position will be very different. We are the People

  4. I remember Bazza doing the same and getting hammered after going to Blackburn??? He was going so helped the club as much as possible Leg that he is!

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