Thursday, 28 March 2019

Rangers go 1:1 with St Johnstone

A draw with St Johnstone at Ibrox Stadium can be quite damaging to Gerrard’s team.

In addition to the usual expectations of a spectacular and high-quality game with a positive outcome for the Rangers, this match had other curious circumstances to it. While the British press was closely following the two Scottish giants during the winter transfer window, Michael O'Halloran unexpectedly returned to the camp of the saints, while the club also got Sean Goss to play for them until the end of the season. Last year the duo defended the colours of the jersey, and now it was on the other side of the barricades, which added was quite interesting, since it is always fascinating how the players will show themselves against their former teams, especially when this happens for the first time. is the best online source of information about the Scottish Premiership. Be sure to give it a visit and become their regular visitor.

On weekdays, representatives from Edmiston Drive fought desperately with the disciplinary commission of the Scottish Football Association but eventually failed on all fronts. At first, Kilmarnock’s midfielder Alan Power was not punished for hitting Ryan Jack, and then the SFA rejected the team’s appeal to disqualify Allan McGregor, who, according to officials, deliberately spiked the legs of young Lewis Ferguson from Aberdeen in the infamous match of the 25th championship round at Pittodrie. 

As a result, the experienced goalkeeper will not help his partners in the upcoming match against Tommy Wright’s squad and their match against Kilmarnock in the 1/8 of the cup.

The troubles, as they say, don’t come alone, because in the process of preparing for the game at Ibrox the coaching staff of Steven Gerrard suddenly had serious personnel problems in the attacking line. Due to the disqualification of the Colombian player Morelos, Lafferty and Defoe became the main striking force for the next three matches, but their participation was suddenly in doubt because of their injuries. There are also lots of speculations and rumors on players’ personal lives. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then be sure to check out this dating site where lots of Russian girls are waiting for you online. Fortunately, everything worked out for Defoe and Lafferty and at the last moment as both players managed to recover from their injuries.

The hosts began the match extremely unconvincingly, over and over again made mistakes in the simplest of situations, they were noticeably nervous. After 10 minutes, the unruly situation began to change for the better, and the enemy's obstinacy gradually subsided, but it did not bring dividends. There weren’t that many strikes towards Cammy Bell; it seemed like all of that nervousness got up to the attackers of Rangers.

In the second half, “Jersey” noticeably increased their onslaught, but just as in the first half, something was constantly missing. The guests feverishly defended their goal, and in 20 minutes before the final whistle they’ve opened up and increased their aggression, this way they’ve created two great opportunities to score a goal. In the first case, the brilliant save by Foderingham saved Rangers from trouble, then Alston hit the post, who had come out shortly before to replace Goss. Rangers continued their raids on their enemy’s goal, and the final whistle of referee McLean caught them in the middle of an attack. 

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The illogical draw (2: 2) of Ranger’s closest pursuer (that being Aberdeen) with the hopeless outsider of “Saint-Mirren” wasn’t that promising as well, and meanwhile the Celts will hold their match of the current tour away on Sunday against “Kilmarnock” and if they win, they will increase their lead to a catastrophic 8 points.

Ladbrokes Premiership / 26 tour
“Rangers” 0-0 “St. Johnstone”

Rangers: Foderingham, Tavernier, Goldson, Worroll, Barisic, McCrorie (Kulibali '76), Davis (Middleton' 59), Kamara, Candeias (Lafferty '68), Kent, Defoe

St. Johnston: Bell, Tanser, Foster, Shaughnessy, Kerr, Goss (Alston '71), Wotherspoon (Callahan' 88), Davidson, Craig, Kennedy (Swanson '80), Kane
Referee - Stephen Macklin

Glasgow / Ibrox Stadium - 49.549 spectators.

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