Photo: did Alfredo Morelos dive or not?


We’ll leave it up to you our good readers to decide.
Did this challenge merit a yellow card, or did McKenna’s arm
take Morelos down?


  1. why fuckin bother shut the site down to next season,
    Yeh the sheepshagers go to semi just to get humpted as usual fannies

  2. It was a stonewall penalty. Even if the ref didn’t thing so,it wasn’t a booking. Buffalo doesn’t help himself by going down to easy all the time. Pissed off with this shit.

    • What game were you at he was pulled to the ground defender had both arms round him I was sitting right behind it.

  3. Definite penalty as was the one near the end when the Aberdeen player almost took El Buffalos head clean off his shoulders.

  4. At the match I thought it was a 100% blatant dive and an embarrassment but just watched it on Sportscene and it was a stonewall penalty and a red card. However, Morelos did dive on several occasions though and it was embarrassing. We need to get what we can for him and move him on so we can leave all this nonsense behind.

  5. SG seems to have had a lot of decisions going against this season – all crucial etc .

    Has he been unlucky or has he brought it on himself – he does talk a lot & everyone loves to beat him ….

    Walter Smith certainly never wound up the opposition ….

    I would hope our next Manager was “lucky” rather than good – we might win something

    Who should be our new manager not another caretaker ….

  6. Morelos is de-valuing himself, by the match. Goldson mugged off yet again and Candeis and Barasic??? I'm disgusted tbh. Another clear-out must now be on the cards. Starting with the NI three and cutting out the rot.

  7. He bought the team, some not good enough. Needs more money to change it or get Warby back, he did better with less.

  8. Tbh i think Morelos should be falling over more. He gets battered by defenders every game and gets nothing. Scottish refs have been ignoring fouls for years if players stay on their feet.

    He should play more like Drogba did. Battle to win the ball. But fall over when there's contact.

    Until refs decide to apply the rules correctly players need to make them make a decision

  9. And from where i was sitting it was a clear penalty. I don't blame the ref he was blind sided. But the linesman should have seen it

  10. It was a penalty only McKenna did not pull him down he would have needed an arm like an octopus it was Consodine

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