Notice; an important reminder for Rangers fans

Notice; an important reminder for Rangers fans

Due to oppressive rules over domestic football coverage on Uefa football nights, Rangers’ crunch quarter final replay with Aberdeen tonight will not be available to watch for any fans live anywhere in the world at all.

Not only will neither Premier Sports nor the BBC have it (as the rights holders for Scottish Cup for the next seven years) live, but RTV also will not carry it either except for audio commentary via official channels.

These rules really are pure greed on Uefa’s part, but no domestic league under their umbrella can violate these rules because they’re part of the deal which allows a country’s league to take part in Uefa’s various money-spinning tournaments.

The only nations which could have the bargaining power to have any leeway here due to the prestige of their domestic leagues are England and Spain. Scotland? Forget it!

So, the only way to watch this one is to actually be there. Which rules out many many thousands of global worldwide Bears.

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  1. Ridiculous. How could a game played in Scotland with no European representation possibly affect Champions League matches. I'll be at the match later but even if I wasn't I don't watch Champions League football. Not interested in the slightest watching the same teams play every year.
    Maybe the only organisation more corrupt than the SFA is UEFA. No wait a minute……….. FIFA are even more corrupt than them!

  2. No worries….
    The main thing is to achieve a result.
    Live on Millport, and there is a storm approaching as I speak.
    Will be listening in on my old tinny radio, with it's half-charged batteries, as usual.
    It's an old-fashioned thing. Perhaps some of the digitally motivated individuals who clue into this space would lesson themselves in such a fashion.
    Trust me…you will enjoy it !

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