“Not a Celtic fan, but….”


Ibrox Noise today received this sweet little love letter from ‘someone’ and while we usually ignore these types of incoherent rambles, we felt the urge to put this one online to show what we’re actually dealing with here on the site.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you, from ‘Rangers Aresh*te’, an ode, to the Famous:

“Not a Celtic fan but get a grip. The world is not against Rangers
You started this by cutting Celtic’s allocation.
Your fans are bigots in the extreme.
Morelos, McGregor and Goldson are thugs.
Gerrard is a greeting faced c*nt.
Hopefully your spending money you don’t have, will see you suffer the same fate as the old Rangers.
No trophies for 7 years and counting.
Even fans who have no time for Celtic either, just love it that they are trouncing Gerrard’s shambles of a team.”

In truth, we actually initially stopped reading at ‘not a Celtic fan’ given if this thing was any more green and white we’d be using disinfectant on it, but we felt showing the genetic deficiencies on display was worth having a further attempt at translation. And believe us, we had to tidy this thing up and put it through Google Translate, Babelfish and the laundry before it started to make any sense.

If anyone fancies tearing this to pieces, be our guest.


  1. Just what you would expect from the uneducated obviously he loves us so much that he comes onto our site hope his club have enough money left in their coffers to pay for the law suits that are coming their way oops forgot he is not a celtic fan that makes him either a councillor or he works for the bbc or even a referee or maybe just a bampot

  2. Terrorist lovin, soap dodging, bead rattling, kiddy fiddling, tattie howkin snp voting reprobate…oh thats right hes not a celtic fan!

  3. Really let's not go there trying to score points out of kids that have been sexually abused get real and make some proper points about the article.

  4. Can't fathom why one of them would be on our site. I wouldn't go on one of their sites if you paid me.
    Can only guess he is one of the "edumacated ones" and wants to show off all the big words he has been learned, like.
    Or, maybe there just wasn't room for all of them under the rock at the same time.
    Poor sad bastard

  5. Let's rise above the gutter based hatred from this shower of inbreds . We are the people for a reason ! One league win silences this drivel …Let's be real they are total pish …lucky against Dundee …Onwards

    • Scud you have to agree they are favoured by officialdom both on and off the park as the reprobate that posted the original so called message…everybody hates us !!