Friday, 1 March 2019

Meltdown; outrage as Scotland's Shame shame Scotland further

We admit it, some Rangers fans haven’t behaved in a manner becoming of the club recently, and we’ve not really covered it because frankly Dave King did a good enough job of doing so himself.

However, regardless of the naughty songs or the foolish chants, there is a nastiness, a chilling depth our fans haven’t seemingly plunged down that their Celtic counterparts have outright embraced and the latest chants emerging on social media as well as that coin incident at Rugby Park show there seems to be an even lower moral compass at Parkhead these days.

Sure, the world is a nasty place now, we know that, but we’d like to say most Rangers fans haven’t gone anything like down that route, while their Eastern chums seem to have taken it with gay abandon.

We’re wary of even repeating what those chants said, so horrible are they about Brendan Rodgers and the fate they’d like to see bestowed upon him that we find it sickening the depths certain individuals will plummet to when they decide they ‘hate’ someone.

Personally, we hope he ‘wakes up’, because frankly he’s done nothing to deserve another fate and in light of the unspeakable meltdown at Parkhead we can almost consider him a good guy now in the eyes of Rangers. Enemy of your enemy and all that…

And let’s not forget that coin. No, on top of all this, as well as the sectarian chants at Tynecastle (yes, we didn’t mention them either) the green and whites decided the most sane way to protest the sight of Kris Boyd was to hurtle a missile at him. While chanting sectarian bile his way too.

No, our Celtic friends have not covered themselves in glory the past couple of weeks, managing to be Scotland’s Absolute Shame.

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