Liverpool’s £10M number on Rangers


As we alluded to earlier in our piece on Ryan Kent, we’d hoped for Liverpool to ‘do us a deal’ over the on-loan winger which would see his market value become irrelevant as ‘friends rates’ gave us a cut-price transfer to permanently secure the young winger.

As it turns out, the Anfield side want around £7M-£10M for the ex-Barnsley loanee which, it would seem, falls some way outside Steven Gerrard’s budget this summer.

It is now inevitable that the Championship and lower Premier League sides monitoring Kent will snap him up for a price which is pretty much peanuts to them.

But then that leaves us at Ibrox Noise wondering if we’ve had a bit of a number done on us by Liverpool, and if there really is anything like a ‘relationship’ between the clubs.

Let’s set it out:

Liverpool Academy graduate spends years failing on loan at various clubs in Germany and England. His value is effectively nil and he’s more or less a busted flush to Jurgen Klopp.

Until he joins Rangers he’s managed a senior career total of 3 goals and 5 assists – that’s at four clubs from summer 2015 till summer 2018.

Liverpool have a player on their hands who won’t earn them any money – he’s close to being a release despite signing a new deal till 2022 in 2017. Two more rotten loans at Freiburg and Bristol make last summer’s new deal look like a mistake.

Then Steven Gerrard takes over at Ibrox – hey presto a season of developing Ryan Kent for Liverpool and suddenly this dead rubber worth next-to-nothing has a market value of around £10M and Rangers did all the work.

This doesn’t feel much like a relationship – more like they lent their failing product, Rangers spent time and money developing him and now we give him back and they sell him to the highest bidder for £10M.

We get it, all is fair in love and war – and Liverpool don’t really owe us anything at all. But this episode really should put to bed any notion they are ever doing us any favours at all, regardless of who our manager is.

There is no relationship.


  1. That's football. That's business. You'd want Rangers to get the best deal possible if it was one of our players out on loan.
    The only good thing about loan deals is they are cost effective. Loan a player and he has a bad season, send him back to his club. Loan a player and he has a good season, send him back to star for his club or puts him in the shop window for other clubs.
    The only favour we'll get from Liverpool is they will continue to loan us more players in the hope it happens again.

  2. Have you been smoking weed. What about the excellent season we have had from him at next to no cost. Big value in that for us surely?

    • If we'd been smoking weed, man, we'd be so chilled, dude, we wouldn't even care about your question, bro.

  3. I never really bought into the idea that Liverpool were doing us favors on account of Gerard – its in their own interest to get Kent game to aid his development; while Rangers have benefitted from an up and comimg talent that was otherwise out of our reach. Naturally when this goes well the player's value increases, often to the point that the loaning club cannot afford to sign him permananently(e.g Kent or Oliver Burke). When it doesn't pan out as well(e.g Umar Sadiq or Ejaria) we cut our losses and punt them back to their parent club. No harm done. Ultimately business is business – Kent is a commercial asset to Liverpool and they will want to maximise the return on that investment. We cant complain because we do the same thing with our fringe players. And lets be honest here, if we had signed Kent permanently last summer Ibrox Noise would be touting him as worth £20m.

    • Of course. We want the best for our club, always. Anyone who doesn't might find green and white sites better suited to their tastes.

  4. I wish folk would see it as it is- business, plain and simple. All this relationship pish is just that,pish. Liverpool looking after themselves and who can blame them. Let's see some youngsters getting their chance from auchenhowie now .

  5. Kent has been a huge plus this season. Not only in his performances but Middleton now knows the standard he needs to play at and what he needs to work on to be a Rangers starter every week. If we had the chance to get Kent on loan for another season I would take it. Unfortunately looks like we'll be priced out of buying him permanently but to be brutally honest I thought we always would be. Rightly or wrongly a young English player with a bit of talents price goes through the roof and a lower league English premiership team or even Championship team will outbid us every day of the week.

  6. We can't pay £7/10 m for Kent IMO that would more than likely also come with a wage of £40k and upward a week. The fact that he has flourished at Rangers is just bad news for us and a nice earner for Liverpool. get Middleton in, he can be as good as Kent given a run in the side and not forgetting Jamie Murphy who we have massively missed this season .

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