Joe Worrall stunner; this can’t be true?


Rangers fans have been extremely divided over the merits of on-loan Nottingham Forest defender Joe Worrall since he joined.

Many felt put out that the young stopper immediately hopped into fan-favourite Nikola Katic’s place and has mostly remained ever since, with much ensuing controversy over his performances.

Our friends over at the Rangers Report compiled a dossier of Worrall’s stats last year and they made for eye-opening reading, but what makes for even more stunning revelation is the current market value for the defender.

While a number of fans can’t abide the stopper and crave the day he returns to the City Ground, nevertheless the market value for Worrall on transfermarkt is £7.2M, which is a staggering amount for a player Rangers supporters, in the majority, frankly can’t stand.

There are rumours about Worrall, which we’ll report on a bit later, but in terms of the pure monetary value of the 22-year old he’s apparently rated a hell of a lot higher than supporters of a Bluenose persuasion would put him at.

Of course, transfermarkt isn’t strictly a heck of a lot more reliable than football manager for real world facts about players, and player values do tend to rely on estimations – but these are usually arrived at via real world data such as the amount of their last transfer and what the most recent bid for their services was.

For Worrall, who a lot of fans think couldn’t defend himself in a fight never mind in a blue shirt to be valued closer to £10M than £1M does shed intriguing light on his status in the game.


  1. We should sign him permanently but not at this price. His stats are excellent whether he’s with Goldson or Katic and his pedigree is just what this club needs.

  2. Jake cooper is the player we need. Joe worrall has his ups and downs. I'd send him back to Forrest.. WATP

    • Never seen Jake Cooper play. What can you tell us about him? What are his attributes and why is he better than what we have? Would he be worth the £4m it would take to bring him in?

  3. The valuation is because he's a rare commodity, a young, homegrown English player. He's captained England U21s in a trophy winning tournament, he's very young but has had quite a bit of experience in the EFL Championship & SPL.
    However, the facts are he's a Forest player & a Forest fan from childhood. The club want him back, he wants to go home. End of conversation!