James Tavernier attacked, but ‘let’s focus on a Chris Sutton goal’ – SPFL shame….


On Friday night, Rangers captain James Tavernier was attacked on the pitch by a moronic Hibs ‘fan’ who was arrested and charged.

Today, Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish was attacked by an even bigger idiot in Birmingham who was similarly arrested and charge.

Today’s incident saw an FA and EFL statement within minutes of the appalling incident in England’s second tier – condemning it in the strongest possible terms.

Friday’s incident in Scotland has FINALLY had a statement released today, but only by the SPFL who had previously been too busy bigging up a Chris Sutton goal against Rangers from two decades ago to bother saying a word about Friday’s disgrace.

So, it took two days for one of Scotland’s authorities to say a word about the scenes at Easter Road, while England’s main two jointly castigated events at Birmingham within minutes.

Anyone else seeing the problem here?

It’s taking pundits, players and club chiefs to actually round on moments of insanity like this, while our game’s authorities sit on their thumbs, idling before bothering to do anything.

If ever the SPFL and SFA proved themselves unfit for purpose, it’s this.

An absolute mess.


  1. I heard that the Compliance Officer is looking at it and Tavernier will be asked to accept a 2 game ban.

  2. It’s not a competition to see who came out first or how long it took. Both incidents were a disgrace and I don’t think there is one person or organisation that would think otherwise. I don’t see where you’re coming from on this one IN. Maybe take the chip of your shoulder AGAIN!!Its not us against the world,I know you would like everyone to think it though.

    • Missing the point as usual Jim! You know, we can’t tell if you’re a handwringer, a Celtic fan or just a breed of Bear out of touch from the mainstream.

    • Sorry for not agreeing with the “mainstream”.
      What is your point IN?It looks like I have missed it.

    • That you're more eager to defend our enemies and dispute our arguments in favour of even treatment. And as usual you're the only one to do so. Other than Scud.

    • If you look at my posts IN I say it how it is. I just don’t post to suck up and agree with everyone. The SFA or the SPFL are not our enemies.I know a lot of people won’t like to hear that but that’s the truth. Do you actually believe that the refs are told not to give us decisions?Do you actually believe the authorities are making decisions to suit other teams and not us?If you believe that then maybe you’re the one that out of touch with the real world. I hate all this it’s us against the world pish. It’s only defecting the facts on the pitch which are bottom line we have been average this season.

    • Yes, this is where your true colours appear – this site has been lambasted by a huge chunk of the support for being as honest as you claim to be – for attacking the quality on the pitch more vigorously than most. Yet the moment we actually attack others in the Scottish game for their agendas and anti-Rangers conduct, it's not them you gang up on, it's us. You ignore much of our 'honesty' and instead castigate us for standing up for the club. Pretty much every time.

    • “I’m ganging up on you”Sorry mate you’ve lost it. We don’t need to gang up or attack anybody. It’s this aggressive behaviour I’m talking about. You seem to take offence it someone disagrees with you.We all have different opinions.Just to let you know my true colours are red,white and blue.

    • What a pile of tosh. This is about the only Rangers site that not only approves of comments that disagree but actively encourages them. And you damn well know that. Please don’t push our liberal approach so far as to undermine our purpose.

    • Absolute hogwash two comments in a row now. We said if you didn’t like our opinions, leave. We left it in your hands. The invitation remains open and we recall mending bridges with you that time. Consider this your last chance for us to do so.

    • No problem IN. I don’t want to fall out with anyone. Maybe just two people with totally different opinions.

  3. The SPFL and SFA, are not fit for purpose. I heard the compliance officer
    has cited Morelos for throwing his face
    into McGregors face.

  4. The Celtic SFA strikes again. I've said a million times, we need to raise the SFA to the ground and replace with equal represention for all clubs. Doncaster has been disastrous to the scottish game. Do it not, then we will continue to suffer the pro-celtic organisation in years to come!!

  5. From a business point of view the SFA and SPLF have been total failures. Scotland and Scottish society has suffered as a result. Hooligans accompany most clubs both in England and Scotland. That EPL responded in mins whereas SPLF responded in 2 days is a minor thing. England has huge resources. But doing things properly and being seen to do things properly can be equal. This is where we fail. Punishment should fit the crime. Rangers have been treated very unfairly at the detriment to Scottish football. A fine of say, £1000.00,,to Rangers or Celtic is nothing whereas to Brechin City it could be a disaster. So good administrators are required to see fairness. That we don’t have in Scotland. Rangers relegation was a disgrace as indeed was the liquidation. Believe me there was no need for it. Rangers could have survived. But small minded administrators with self serving interests prevailed. Just think who did benefit from all this? Lawyers. And now Green is suing police. What a joke. And big tax case? Judges have disagreed throughout. Who benefits? Their fellow lawyers. But poison in Scotland is sectarianism. We must rise above it. Catholicism is dying throughout the civilised world. And the Catholic Church is in disgrace everywhere. We should root out sectarianism at Ibrox setting a standard for Scotland. Most Catholics are decent human beings but they didn’t choose their religion. Their parents did. The penny is beginning to drop. Time for us to lead. When we get back to top the self serving administrators will change.

    • That's big of you! "Most Catholics are decent human beings"! Was there ever any doubt about that? That is just as offensive as someone saying "most black people are decent human beings" and therefore implying a large percentage are not. I applaud your stance for attempting to lead the way and stamp out sectarianism, but you don't even realise you are being offensive, even when you are trying not to be. And for the record, anybody who is truly religious (as is their right and personal choice) chooses to keep or drop their faith when they reach adulthood.Being born into it doesn't come into it and it shouldn't come into football either.

  6. They always have been fat lazy slobs. You only have to look at that fat slug, Rod Petrie, to see those running the game would rather bury their cowardly heads. I don't think the Hib`s attack was 'sectarian'. Hibs fans, a minority have always been especially thug-like. Most likely inbred. People just want to attribute everything, to sectarianism, because they want to kill our tradition and heritage. Make our football, dull and grey. There always will be 'wee muppets' at the games.

  7. When BBC National News reported the attack on Grealish they also, naturally, referenced and showed the attack on Tavernier. Strangely they then showed the Hibs goal for reasons that escape me. I'm not suggesting there is anything untoward I just thought it was very strange.

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