James Tavernier and the bampot


We’ve deliberately kept our counsel on the diabolical James Tavernier incident last night until now.

Hibs’ chief Leann Dempster has wholeheartedly apologised to Rangers’ captain for the latest disgraceful incident to blight the filthy game that the Scottish Premiership has become the past five years.

A true backwater league now, as if it wasn’t before, the repeated and incessant incidents which happen under the guise of football support have now officially won and Scotland’s glory days of the 80s, 90s and even 00s have made way to the maniacs of our country taking over the asylum and ruining what was once a very proud nation.

Make no mistake, Scottish football is a laughing stock around the world now – one that is routinely mocked and dismissed, while rightly judged for the cesspit it has become in the past decade.

For a complete moron to invade Easter Road’s pitch and attack James Tavernier is sadly the kind of sewer-dwelling trash we are now expecting regularly in our game. It’s no longer a shock to see idiots try to clobber players, we saw that already in the cup final from the same fans only three years ago – and back then it was the players who got most of the blame. Rangers players, obviously.

It’s no longer a shock to see missiles thrown at Scott Sinclair, or Kris Boyd, or vile chants aimed at everyone, or folk spitting on the unconscious.

Scotland is now poison, in every sense, but crucially, to the interest of this site, in football.

Whether it’s social politics, public votes, or the rise of nationalism and whatever else changes a nation and divides it, the effects of the mentally ill country our nation has become is seen borderline every week at football.

A once safe and family occasion has been turned into a morally bankrupt hole where the lowest troglodytes of society turn out to cause havoc and bring shame.

This is not to say football was always butter won’t melt. Far from it – we’ve had incidents in the past, with the Old Firm shame game being the watershed moment in the 90s.

But back then those were the absolute exception and they shocked this country – nowadays social media reacts in moral outrage, then it’s forgotten about till the next one the week later. As has sadly become the norm.

Like the UK, Scotland has been hijacked by political and religious agendas (topics for smarter people than this site) but these have given rise to such chasmic divides which seep into every other area of our country – and football is one of the biggest.

And the past 10 years’ rapid decline have led us to this point. Where it’s almost normal for a bampot to pitch invade and attack a professional footballer.

What a complete sh*tshow.


  1. I have no desire to defend Hibs, last night's bampot or any other thug for that matter. But, "A once safe and family occasion"? I am 58 and have never known a time when football was a safe and family occasion. It has always been characterised by violence or threats thereof, the physical danger of the terraces, language that would make a navvy blush, songs which had nothing to do with football and everything to do with violence many miles and centuries ago – I used to sing them, so claim no moral high ground – and thuggery on and off the pitch.
    I did think matters were improving. I was clearly wrong. I think matters may well be taken out of our hands. The Scottish Government and wee Jimmy Krankie are just itching to show how paternalistic they can be.
    Personally, I think we cannot police Scottish football, but we can police ourselves. If away fans can't behave, they need to be identified and banned. If individuals can't be identified, supporters clubs need to self police or lose their ticket allocation. If that doesn't work, Rangers need to stop taking tickets for away games.
    Home matches, we need directional cameras or whatever else to identify individuals and ban them. Although Ibrox is much less prone to offensive singing than our away support.
    We do it, or others will do it to us

    • SWH, we don't ever recall this level of regularity of incident. While 'safe and family occasion' might be a touch generous, when was the last time there was an incident of this nature at Ibrox against a St Mirren or Hamilton? Whereas AT St Mirren, Hearts, Easter Road? Seems to be the norm now. Incidentally we had you pegged as 20 years younger!

    • IN, while there is rarely incident week afetr week, if there are no incidents in the next 4 weeks that does not mean it is fixed. I think we should be looking at this on a season by season level. But it will take a lot of these incidents to equate to a Heysel. Having said that, we need to take responsibility at club and sport level, or government will do it for/to us.
      Incidentally, thank you for the compliment, but I was on the pitch in 1980. Didn't hit anyone, but got drunk and stupid enough not to run away later that night. Other guy had a blade, so rocked up at hospital next morning to get patched up to find I wasn't the only one:-)

  2. JT well done sir
    Was it my imagination or did the low life look more pleased to see the police than Tav ?

  3. I used to attend matches in the 70s and 80s where the fans used to battle occasionally especially at away games but there was never the same threat to the players on the pitch as there is now .You mention the cup final when Wallace was attacked but there is also an incident when McCulloch was struck by a flag stick at Fir Park in the play off match.
    In my opinion at seems to be acceptable as long as its our players and is born out of the hatred generated during the dispute when we were relegated .We should issue a statement that if it happens again we will take our players off for Health and Safety reason as we have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for our staff .If they want to dock the points then so be it .The hatred being generated at these grounds towards us is on a par with any sectarianism or racism and these assaults are far worse than any offensive words that are being sung .

    • So next time we're at Easter Road and we're 2 up with 10 minutes to go we just need a Hibs fan to do something stupid and we'll walk off. Not that simple I'm afraid.

  4. Hold on there mate."only happens to us"? Didn't one of"us" split a linesman's head open with a coin. Are you suggesting that was done, only because other teams' fans did it before "us"? Wasn't it us who ripped up seats recently and hurled them into the other teams fans without worrying who was hit? Isn't it us that are singing about being up to our knees in our managers kins blood every week. "Us" have got no right to be claiming the moral high ground in all of this. We have a moronic element amongst our own support. This is not just one club's problem. It's Scottish footballs problem. And if we as decent supporters don't take a stand against what's happening,it will be taken out of our hands. And god help our game if johnny government get involved.

    • IN why are you allowing 'the enemy' a voice, here? By the way, BigTim…Humza Yousaf of YOUR beloved SNP, IS involved and on a mission, to stop sectarianism.

    • Get real guys. WE are no angels and we all know it. Let's get our own house in order and let other teams sort themselves out. I don't know what Bigtim is doing on this site but I can't disagree with anything he said.

  5. kick him in the balls and get on with it ,thats what i say ,let them supporters run on to the park if they want ,as long as they know thet they are going to the nick ,that will be the end of it ,stevie g, no silver ware this season ,move over , r,t,i,d

  6. The Hibs have 'always' been thuggish. I remember in the 80's, being chased from Leith Walk, right into Waverley Station platform, by their thug 'casuals' and nothing has changed that much, since. Their fans are quite talented, at the old thuggery. As we seen.

    • Hibs fans throw bottles and attack players. Hearts fans throw coins at PT manager and Hibs manager. Aberdeen fans show manky banner about A.M's mother and sing songs about the Ibrox disaster. Celtic fans throw flares and sing sectarian songs. Gers fans split open an officials head with a coin, throw seats at opposing fans and sing sectarian songs. Every one of these clubs has morons amongst their support. And every one of these clubs support are shaming our game with their moronic actions. And anyone who condones this crap is every bit as bad as the idiots who do it. Every club has to speak out against the morons in their ranks. Decent supporters have to point these thugs out to cops or stewards and weed them out. As long as they are allowed to get away with it, it will carry on till either a player or official is seriously injured. When that happens the baw is burst for our game.

  7. Unfortunately the flames are fanned by BBC (“Ireland”) reporting out of Glasgow & our own Scottish Government seeking “independence” who have actively sought the Irish vote in Glasgow against the English. They are both not without sin.

    • Never read so much crap in my life. The BBC and The Scottish government are to blame for these morons causing mayhem at games. You couldn't make it up. Oh! Except you just did.

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