Is Rangers’ season over?

Is Rangers’ season over?

After tonight’s lamentable ‘display’ against Aberdeen, we’ll make this a short one to avoid being too emotionally knee-jerk following such a complete mess in Govan.

Tonight’s replay was all about the cup – the one big chance Rangers had to make a real fist at silverware this season – and to say the players and managers failed spectacularly is an understatement.

That in the opening 82 minutes the home side had mustered all of one shot on target says it all for how poorly things are going at Ibrox right now.

Of the past three matches, no wins – filled with powderpuff football reminiscent of the Warburton era.

Sure, we get loads of the ball, and play a little fancy footwork, but when it comes to putting the ball in the net, for the side second in the table for goals scored (just one behind Celtic) we’re remarkably bad at it.

It seems the mental strength and bottle of this side is minimal – it chokes on the big occasions more often than not, and those chokes cost big.

Twice now Steven Gerrard’s men capitulated at the hands of McInnes in the cup – two embarrassing exits – we’ll try to bite our tongues for fear of saying things we’ll regret.

But hey, at least Steven Davis got a run out…

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  1. Just can’t believe we have blown it again. You are spot on IN,We don’t have the mental strength for most of these big games. Where is the performance levels from the old firm game?We have hardly kicked a ball since that game.

  2. Hi, am glad this result happened,cause I've said from day 1, Gerrard isn't the answer, Davis is done, defie is done and both are costing us a absolute fortune,Morelos isn't reliable,falls all the time when touched when he should stay on his feet . season is over. Thanks Gerrard. Oh and thanks Dave king. Spending money we don't have.

  3. Completely over! Letdown AGAIN! Serious lack of quality. Win another OF game and go further ahead of the sheep and i think that is progress for Stevies 1st season. He will know what needs done in the summer!

  4. no fight for the jersey shame on them but mr gerrard got to carry can for this looks like his signings dont want to play for the famous ,think i know why but cant say why on public forum,

  5. Ye know wot,it doesn't matter what we think or say about that shite we witnessed again tonight as once SG does his press conference it will be the usual I take the blame blah de blah de blah….season well/truly over by mid march and once again we are the laughing stock for everyone else in Scottish football and as I've said before, unless we get investment from someone who has money to burn to get better players than what we already have then I'm afraid the suffering in a football sense will continue for all us bears,just my opinion…..watp

    • dave the rave were spending good money its not down to money hibs, sheep ,have not got a pot to piss in ,and we cant beat them this season ,

  6. Been saying it all along! – A youth coach and a team devoid of leaders is a recipe for failure in the big games. Anyone who says we have progressed are burying their heads in sand. What has improved is the quality of player, which is why we can sweep away bottom 6 teams. Give any manager in the SPFL this team, finanaces, Academy and coaches that Gerrard has and they would do the same or better. The things that are needed to take this club forwards haven't improved in 5 years or so. Things such as Tactics, Stable team selection, Style, Leadership, Rigity etc, not one thing has changed in the slightest! To spend 10 times more than Aberdeen and be knocked out by them in both cups at Ibrox is a shambles. I would bet a million pounds that if Gerrard had come to Scotland to manage Hamilton Accies or Dundee for instance not one fan would be wanting him to come to Rangers. But we are were we are..The board are to blame,Three manager now and not ONE shred of experience between any of them and until that changes then we need to accept we will always be second fiddle. Most fans seem happy to accept Gerrard because it is Gerrard regardless of his poor managment as does the board who backed him so we should start seeing him win silverware sometime in the next 5 years..If we are lucky!

  7. Utter shambles. Season over. Gerrards as useless as his last 3 predecessors. He has done nothing for this club. What an exensive mistake.

  8. Time up for the In SG we trust brigade
    That back four is ridiculous. Tav is a wing back, as essentially is Barisic so we need 3 quality centre backs and it's debatable if we have 1.
    If Notts Forest want to build a team round Worrall good luck to them
    We have no football brain in midfield. A young Steven Davis would be fine, but is he the answer now I've no idea as we haven't seen enough to tell
    Morelos is a gamble we can't afford. His style of play is predictable, and his temperament flawed. Take the money when it is offered!
    As for SG why does his team lack the basics for winning games, pace and press. We need to start every game as we did in the last Old Firm, not just against that lot
    Why is he so reluctant to change early enough to turn a game round?
    Why is his recruitment overall no better than average, and so many players don't seem able to play to the system he wants?

    End of season report, started better but faded badly, must do better next season AND WIN A TROPHY or be shipped out!

  9. Yes – SG nice guy – “talks” a super game but not on the pitch.

    I hope we are not in this same position next year with the same players “promising” to do it for the fans ….

    Now we will have the problem of the “untested” loan players wanting to come back

    Not up to Rangers standards …. time to part company with most of the playing staff including the management team.

  10. Buy Shinnie and make him captain. Get Davis working or get a replacement. Get a proper partner for Goldson

    • I liked the idea of Shinnie coming in as rumoured but I watched him closely tonight and wasn't too impressed. Maybe has a bit more dig but he's no better than what we have.

    • And Im fairly we wouldn't have so maybe just take my punishment tonight rather than suffer another Hamden humiliation.

  11. Time the fans aimed their complaints at the Board too many false dawns – time they walked if they can’t pick the right management team !

    King resignation statement ??

    • Are you on the same planet mate !!!! Without King Park Taylor we would be finished at the mercy of the charlatans that Fat Stan had placed in our famous club

  12. Wallace, Flanagan, Coulibaly, Davis, Dorrans, Lafferty, Worrall, Macaulay can all leave in the Summer. I'd keep Defoe funnily enough.

    The money we get for Morelos needs spent on enhancing the squad with a British mentality like Smith did in 2007 and I think it's essential we cash in. Cosgrove at Aberdeen is fantastic. Shinnie for Coulibaly. Hastie at Motherwell for Candeais' place who has been woeful in 'big' games. Hastie seems to have goals. Would take Naismith back for free. Docherty back for creativity. We are talking about 5/6 players here who will cost next to nothing and are domestically ready and younger and hungry. Spend some serious money on that back line where 2 CBs are needed again and 2 who will not be bullied.

    And for God sakes a midfielder who can score 15 goals. Too reliant on 1 man and that's our downfall this season in all the draws and games we've lost.

    We go again.

    I do still trust Gerrard – he just needs a few revamps. This lot have a weak mentality and that is changed by personnel not manager constantly.

    King resigning is just a ridiculous as he's backed with his cheque book for 3 years now. Keep the faith.

  13. One season and you want Gerrard out , honestly ,bet some of you were doing cart wheels when he became manager get a grip ffs

  14. Barasic was crap, Goldson was crap. Candeis' crosses were crap. Steven Davis is over-rated and Morelos keeps on devaluing himself with his histrionics and play-acting. Sick to death of these prima-donnas sabotaging our season. Then they send Jermain, out. What does he do? Praise the team. Oh, they're SO GOOD at Auchenhowie aren't they Jermain.?? Pity, they can't replicate that in 'actual' games. Pity, they can only win against the little teams. It's clear, things are very wrong. Clear-out time this Summer, then. Sick to death, of the under-achievement.

  15. I've supported rangers for over 70 yrs, seen great teams, great managers and great football Also seen bad teams, bad managers. Coming from where we've been, to be second in the league, fantastic run in Europe beyond my expectations and others I'm sure we can
    Win the league,was the thoughts of many bin reality we set our goals to high
    I've been a Ranger's Supporter all my life, and will continue to support them
    for the remainder of my life.

  16. Not as if its the end of the world, so Stevie should be allowed time to settle in as long as he gives Kyle a fair chance.

  17. Doctor King may be a CA, but he's always picking working class trash who can't express themselves.
    Bring back Bomber.

  18. At the risk of stating the obvious we desperately need a big cash injection, starting with reducing our demand for Morelos but not to less than 12 million

    • Money? The most professional academy in Scotland, all the bells and whistles and already spent 10 times more than Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and Hibs put together, yet we struggle to beat top 6 teams..It's not money Rangers need it is an experienced manager. Walter Smith would get enough out of the players here, the ones out on loan and the academy to win a treble! Gerrard is a youth coach like Murty. No better..

    • Can't argue William, not knowledgable enough, just not wanting to rock the boat when there's still a chance, but at the same time thinking we should punt Morelos for a lot less than the imaginative figures seen in the papers. Personally think we couldn't bluff our way beyond 5 million in the market as it is, so my earlier post was "hopeful"

  19. You trust Gerrard but 6 of the 8 players you mentioned to leave are his signings? You clearly don't trust him to sign players so what is it you trust him to do?

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