Thursday, 28 March 2019

"Hypocrisy!"; the £10M and £20M questions being asked by Rangers fans...

We’ve been seeing a lot of buzz over Ryan Kent’s quoted fee, and one of the most increasingly-common responses we’ve received is how we can possibly oppose £7-£10M for him but argue the case for £20M+ for Alfredo Morelos.

It’s a reasonable question isn’t it? How can we not look hypocritical moaning about Kent costing that much when we want well over double for Morelos?

Well, first up – we’re Rangers fans. We want the most for our assets and we want to pay the least for new signings. Welcome to basic commerce 101. If we enthusiastically went around throwing full-price at clubs for their quoted sums over potential signings, we would be up in arms as a support that our board was throwing irresponsible amounts around and weren’t getting the best deal.

That’s all a given. Anyone in our support who wants to be ‘fair’ or ‘consistent’ to the point of taking less for Morelos or paying more for Kent probably misses the point.

But… let’s take their rationale more seriously. Two players, both up for POTY this season – worth the same, surely?


Alfredo Morelos has 29 goals and 11 assists in all competitions this season. Ryan Kent has a combined total of 14. There already is the proof in the pudding for you. If you want further break down – the striker has more assists (11) than the winger (9).

Not happy yet?

Ok, how many caps has Kent won for England? How many times has he been even called up? Remember, he’s 22, just like Morelos. Now, how many for Morelos for his nation?

Not happy yet?

Ok, how did they both do at the highest levels? Morelos managed two goals and two assists in the UEL qualifiers. Kent managed a single assist. Kent was also injured for some of the group stage and Morelos managed two goals and one assist. Kent managed 0 in 3 appearances.

Not happy yet?

Ok, how did they both do against Celtic?

Ryan Kent managed that legendary assist in December and boy we loved it. Morelos has missed open goals and hasn’t managed a single notable impact on any level against Celtic. Kent wins.

You happy now?

In short, Kent’s impact both in numbers and on the pitch are miles behind Morelos. Morelos is two players, but the one that causes hell for opponents appears far more often, while Kent’s best side has really only surfaced a few times this season.

Why do we want £20M+ for Morelos and scoff at Kent’s asking price? Because one of them is a better player, that’s why.

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