Tuesday, 26 March 2019

How did Morelos do? First start for Colombia analysed

Alfredo Morelos won his first start today as a Colombian international. How much advantage did he take of the opportunity?

Being removed at half time would suggest he perhaps didn’t exploit his chance as much as he’d like, and that would be partly true.

While he worked hard deeper as always, and indeed retreated back to midfield occasionally to help his colleagues out, he operated in his usual 9 position and was always available for team mates.

He got two main chances, one a header which he could and should have done far better with as it went well wide of the post, and another fine volleyed effort which he did well to get purchase on but again it went wide up of the upright.

He will be happy to have had his first big appearance in a yellow shirt, but familiar profligacy in front of goal on the big occasion as Rangers fans have witnessed many many times blighted him again, and while this was only a friendly, and half time changes were likely pre-arranged, the fact captain James Rodriguez came on in his place did rather suggest he hadn’t really impressed Queiroz.

Morelos really needs to learn how to be more clinical on the big stage, because while he didn’t blow his big chance here, he didn’t stand out enough either.

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