Has Steven Gerrard changed his mind on Alfredo Morelos?


Steven Gerrard today dropped a large hint of a huge change in his own stance on Alfredo Morelos, despite claiming ‘nothing changes’ following the latest developments around the Colombian.

Speaking at his pre-Hibs presser, Gerrard submitted none of the previous defiance about fighting with the board or keeping Morelos 100% at Ibrox, and simply said he enjoyed working with him and no more.

He said:

“I’m sure it’s flattering for Alfredo, it’s a big compliment for him, it shows that he’s in terrific form and in a great place. In terms of me, nothing changes, I love working with the player, he puts a smile on my face when I get out of bed and I’m on my way to training to work with him because he’s such a top top player. That’s all I’ve got to say on it really.”

Gerrard was filled with the platitudes about Morelos but really wasn’t able to reject any sale talk given his Managing Director Stewart Robertson conceded Morelos was effectively for sale at £20M.

Gerrard went on:

“The interest and the speculation’s not going to go away, that’s something we have to live with, but we certainly see it as a compliment because I’d be more concerned and more worried if no one was interested in my players.”

While nothing Stevie said explicitly ‘puts Morelos up for sale’ itself, per se, his tone was definitely less prickly and defensive over the player than previous times.

As he has said himself, the board makes the decisions and they’re above his head – and if the main man outwith Dave King has alluded to a Morelos sale in excess of £20M this summer, there’s not a lot Gerrard can really do about that.


  1. As much as We Don't want Morelos to Go,
    We have to be Realistic

    If we get an offer in the Ballpark of
    £17.5-£20m …Its gonna be Hard to Refuse.

  2. He is a good spl player but if someone wants to pay 20 million then I will drive him there myself he is not ireplaceable we have had better players in the past who have moved on and we have done fine no player is bigger than our club. let him go spend the cash strengthening our team #lets go for 55 we are the people

  3. His statement will only enhance his value. £20m would be great. We are building for future. Look at AJAX the other night. That’s what we must do. Get the best young Players and bring them on. SG is helping board rebuild club. I am no great lover of King but he managed to get rid of dross who were exploiting club. We can’t rely on SFA to do what is right so we must do it ourselves. Choice of world brand SG might be seen as a r but it’s for long term. Thank God we didn’t get McInnes.

  4. Mr Gerrard is not naive to know that Alfredo will go, sooner rather than later. He is doing and has done all he can to keep him at Ibrox. As soon as he saw what was in front of him plans were being made to scout replacement/s. I absolutely agree that we should demand the figure that has been stated, preferably I'd love him to stay sadly though that simply won't happen, What needs to is that what figure we do collect for him must be reinvested in one or two strikers, every penny no questions asked.

  5. As exciting a player as Morelos is it allows the fans to deliberate on the possibility of three new 7 million priced players joining us for next season.

  6. I think he'll go for £13M plus add ons. Can't see us refusing that kind of money.

    If we don't sell this summer and he stays another year then he'll be into his last year of contract and worth a lot less.

    I hope he stays and signs another extension, or goes for £20M+, but can't see either happening.

  7. He`s just bored answering the same question every presser .He wanted him to stay in the January window and he achieved that but he knows a big offer in the summer and he will probably go.

  8. I love El Buffalo, however, I don't think anyone will pay 20 million for him. Would love to see it happen, but I don't think he is that good. Last player to score as many goals in a season for us was Kris Boyd, did we put a 20m tag on him at that time?, No. I think we need to get real and hope this paper talk does not affect Morelos performance on the park, which I feel that is exactly what the Celtic media is hoping to achieve!

  9. Does anyone really think this man is a top class player ?. Has plenty of good points, but far to many bad. Has done us a turn but sorry won't miss him.As for his value were getting as sad as the manky mob, let's be realistic

  10. Interesting Gerrard says that Morelos puts a smile on his face every day. You would've thought Alfredo would've kept one or two for himself!
    The early bluster from Gerrard about him going nowhere was all about driving up the price at "the new prices" etc. I think it is now well established that he won't go on the cheap though I still think £20m is optimistic.

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