Thursday, 7 March 2019

Has Steven Gerrard changed his mind on Alfredo Morelos?

Steven Gerrard today dropped a large hint of a huge change in his own stance on Alfredo Morelos, despite claiming ‘nothing changes’ following the latest developments around the Colombian.

Speaking at his pre-Hibs presser, Gerrard submitted none of the previous defiance about fighting with the board or keeping Morelos 100% at Ibrox, and simply said he enjoyed working with him and no more.

He said:

“I’m sure it’s flattering for Alfredo, it’s a big compliment for him, it shows that he’s in terrific form and in a great place. In terms of me, nothing changes, I love working with the player, he puts a smile on my face when I get out of bed and I’m on my way to training to work with him because he’s such a top top player. That’s all I’ve got to say on it really.”

Gerrard was filled with the platitudes about Morelos but really wasn’t able to reject any sale talk given his Managing Director Stewart Robertson conceded Morelos was effectively for sale at £20M.

Gerrard went on:

“The interest and the speculation’s not going to go away, that’s something we have to live with, but we certainly see it as a compliment because I’d be more concerned and more worried if no one was interested in my players.”

While nothing Stevie said explicitly ‘puts Morelos up for sale’ itself, per se, his tone was definitely less prickly and defensive over the player than previous times.

As he has said himself, the board makes the decisions and they’re above his head – and if the main man outwith Dave King has alluded to a Morelos sale in excess of £20M this summer, there’s not a lot Gerrard can really do about that.

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