Does unfancied Rangers midfielder deserve a second chance at Ibrox?

Does unfancied Rangers midfielder deserve a second chance at Ibrox?

While we talked earlier about the astonishing success of Greg Docherty in England’s League One, we have to look equally at the slightly more modest loan of Jason Holt at Fleetwood.

We have to argue the ‘obviousness’ of his ‘inability’ to step up to the SPL is muddied a lot by his partner in crime Andy Halliday’s success in doing so, and the two of course were hugely compared in terms of ability and level in the Championship.

Furthermore, unlike Docherty’s goals and assists, it’s much harder to gauge Jason Holt’s merits in England’s third tier given he’s played as a DM and CM, and as such there’s much less in the way of statistical analysis to measure the success of such a position.

However, 29 appearances in the league at Highbury does point to a level of decent competence; that even at that level, a player would have to have a bit about him to maintain starts.

Equally though Holt is, of course, an ex-team mate of manager Joey Barton who may literally be ‘picking his pals’ as the old notion goes, so there may well be extenuating circumstances.

But, of course, ultimately it boils down to Rangers and our relationship with midfielders. Do we actually need Jason Holt back, regardless of his ability?

Well, we’ve advocated the return of Docherty under form circumstances so it may seem hypocritical, but then we’re thin for attacking midfielders. Defensive and central not so much.

We doubt hugely that Stevie is keeping a huge eye out for Holt’s displays at Highbury albeit we’re sure he’s monitoring him like he will all the loans – when Holt’s loan expires this summer the chances are it’ll be renewed by Fleetwood – he’s not out of contract at Ibrox till summer next year and despite red top reports that Gerrard didn’t want to lose Holt permanently last summer, we’re not really that sure the anchor man is a big part of Gerrard’s future for Rangers.

But then, who saw Halliday being?

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  1. I'd rather give the boy Barjonas, a chance. Holt has at least had a chance. Barjo boy has not been given a fair crack. All i'm saying.

  2. Fir me we already have too many midfielders. Don't think we can justify more than 7, 8 tops if we are going to bring youth through.
    Kamara, McCrorie, Rossiter, Jack, Halliday, Dorrans, Holt, Arfield, Murphy (no room on wing) possibly Shinnie. That is 10, without any youth. We play with 3, unless we go 4-4-2. We need to lose a couple and Holt has to be one. Like the guy, but we need to drop 2 or 3 others to justify keeping him.

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