“Didn’t look interested” – 3 – player ratings for Rangers at Easter Road


Rangers pretty much blew any chance of contending for the title tonight, albeit the boxing match at Easter Road was hardly pretty football from either team at times.

Ibrox Noise brings you our rates for the makers and shakers in Edinburgh:


Another excellent night with some big saves again, McGregor isn’t producing the sexy stops he’s capable of, but he’s bringing in vital ones. 8


We’re not sure what Tavernier Stephen Craigan was praising in that first half – all we saw was his being out of position most of the time, wandering with the ball a lot of time and wasting crosses. It wasn’t his worst display ever but it’s a continuation of his current modest form. 6


Not sparkling and still doesn’t look quite his early season self, Goldson seems very quiet at the back these days. True, not the most thunderous defender we’ve ever had, but gives the ball away from the rear frequently and lacks a lot of physicality. A modest evening at best from him. 6


Worrall might be guilty of lazy balls out from the back like Goldson, but the Forest man is outplaying his partner by a mile. Repeated aerial clearances, some crucial last-minute blocks, and plenty of hard-fought battles, Worrall is justifying his place. Yellow card was ridiculous. 8


Slow start from Halliday – lost concentration and fell, but got back into things – it wasn’t his best night at left back but there’s no coincidence Ryan Kent looked far more lively with Halliday’s presence behind him. Was lucky not to be booked for a late and blatant tug. 6


Supreme first half – read everything, spread the ball superbly and looked, for the first time (to us), the absolute part. Second half struggled a little as the opponents swamped midfield more, but still produced a good show. Some very neat link up play and his confidence is growing. 8


Messy display from Jack – had some good moments of work and grit, but wasn’t quite as in the match as he can be and it was a gamble to play him through the pain barrier. We wouldn’t have risked him, personally. 6


Solid from Arfield and supported attack well – should have scored too. Worked plenty in midfield linking with the flanks and the middle, and will feel a little hard done by to have been removed. 7


As we said, Halliday was at LB so it was inevitable Kent would pick up – not so many of the stunning and eye-catching runs he usually goes on, but he was effective in a different way – getting behind the Hibs backline, overlapping with Halliday and using his pace in short bursts. 7


We were told off for rating Candeias so highly in the last one, so guess what – we’re doing it again. Rangers’ clear man of the match with essentially the same display he put in last time. Lots of dangerous crosses, tonnes of work, and a smashing goal. But we’re not sure what the Bale-esque ‘celebration’ was all about. 9


Bleh. Apparently an Eintracht scout was watching him, and it was the second poor display from Morelos in a row. Not at the races the past couple of matches, and while we know his heart has been elsewhere for a long time, it’s now reflecting in his displays. Didn’t look interested. 3



Did little but buy Rangers a foul or two. 5

Steven Gerrard:

Absolutely nothing wrong with the team he put out tonight, but they just cannot seem to mentally beat Hibs. Chance after chance and while he urged for clinical finishing, his players did not deliver. And sadly the half time team talk galvanised Hibs not Rangers and while some fans might think we were hard done by, we shot ourselves in the foot. Stevie won’t be at all happy. 5

Not that we were going to win the title anyway! But now any small chance is gone. Celtic won’t slip up like we do.


  1. Nightmare its a game that should have been won easily ffs
    Halliday was rank and so was Morelos

  2. I like Morelos but to be worth 20 mil.no chance. Can't score in importa games, league is well over now. They will beat the sheep easily tomorrow.gerard out now

  3. Plain and simply …As A Team
    They just weren't good enough
    We should have killed the game off!

  4. We lack steel and ruthlessness. That's it. We have everything else. A new back four to close the door a necessity for next season. Nothing more humiliating than seeing players in a Rangers strip getting pushed around and constantly being decked time and again with no payback. It's not the Rangers way and it happens too often. It has to stop Stevie. Enough already.

    • So we lack steel, ruthlessnes and a defence, and you say we have everything else? Seems we're missing quite a lot!

    • I couldn't agree more. I mean the sheer indignity of it. Nothing could be more humiliating than a rangers player being decked without any payback. After all, we are the people!

  5. I know every team could say this but the silly points we have gifted other teams has been crazy this season. I thought Kamara was the best player on the park tonight.

  6. McGregor: 8, agreed

    Tavernier: 3, utter tosh, he is getting worse and should be replaced, and should be stripped of captaincy immediately!! Never a leader!

    Goldson : 5,, Goldson looks very uncomfortable and does not command the back 4 good enough. Feel he is another one getting comfortable of being undroppable, drop him for Katic!!

    Worrall : 8 agreed. Only one who is acting like someone who wants to win the league!!

    Halliday: 5,,, If ever an argument to get Wallace back in, it's now!

    Kamara:8 -Agreed, worked very hard, starting to depend on this guy!!

    Jack: 6, Agreed ,As in the Aberdeen game, utter ineffective. Another one who is believing that one good game makes a season. Reality check needed. If he is still suffering a foot injury, then Gerrard should have dropped him. If not, then he is not producing the goods.

    Arfield: 7, Agreed!,, Why oh Why was he taken off?????? As soon he was taken off, Hibs had all the space in the world in the middle! Feck me, worse decision ever!!!

    Kent: 5,,,Totally disagree,, He is another one who needs a reality check. No where near effective as in the Aberdeen game. I would have taken him off at 60 mins.

    Candeias: 6. And that is for the goal and one good cross. Did you see his distribution and his rugby style crosses. Yes he huffs and puffs,, but his overall game was below average for what is expected from him. 9???!! Really!!

    Morelos: 3, Totally agree. Should have been replace with Lafferty at half time. Again, someone who is believing in his own press. Laid back now his future is secured and thinks the world is after him. Total Diva and needs a big kick in the arse. Disgraceful that he was not subbed!!

    Subs: Defoe: 5 – Defoe was not the right sub to bring on. He just does not suit our game. He needs the ball to his feet to score, something the midfield and the wingers could not provide all through the game!!! At least Lafferty will fight and look for the ball!!

    Steven Gerrard: 2,,, His utter lack of management, leadership, tactical nous on how to change a game to win is so evident. Celtic now 10 points ahead. He has just handed Celtic 8 in a row because of his inability to motivate his players to adopt the Rangers way of winning mentality!!
    Tonight was an absolute disgrace and we do not deserve to win the league on the seasons performance.

    • Gerrard may be making mistakes in your eyes but at least he knew Lafferty was sitting in the stand.

  7. Been saying it for ever now. James Tavernier is not Rangers quality. He's simply shambolic. Never in position, has no desire to lead, no effort to get back, doesn't even attempt to tackle. A top side would Never in a million years have such a weak link in a team let alone captain it! Halliday is the same, can't tackle and caught out too often, a junior player would be embarrassed if he crossed a ball as bad as Halliday. Never a first pick Rangers player. To have Wallace and not use him is frankly despicable. If you play second rate players you get second rate performances. It's not rocket science. Gerrard stripped a good club captain, refuses to play him and gives the armband to the worst possible candidate .Simply clueless..Candieas done well tonight. Not a 9 but a decent performance..This Rangers team are too soft to win leagues. Absolutely 100% no doubt about it! Not far off it but until you have old style tough tackling Fullbacks, a real captain and wingers who drive at the opposition then forget it. It will never happen. Mark my words..

    • 100 % correct Willie. I agree wholeheartedly with every single word. It has been obvious that opposing teams have targeted our full backs all season long and we got away with it against the bottom six. Soft toffees get chewed up, and we have too many. Hard to watch.

  8. To say Candieas put in a lot of dangerous crosses is simply a lie by the way. Your definition of working your socks of is like digging a hole in granite with a dental pick. You might be working like a beast but your not making an impact. Candieas chases a player 60 yards then doesn't tackle. I'd rather he just chased 10 yards then put a tackle in! When he's on the ball I'd expect him to hit the byline, leave his man for dead then whip a pinpoint cross in..like Cooper and Laudrup did dozens of times a game. If Candieas does get to the byline he crosses it like he's got rugby boots or even worse turns to the corner flag and holds the ball up till the mighty Tav shows up to help him…not confident, not quality,not Rangers

    • The use of the word 'lie' is too strong William. We do many things here on this site, but we never, ever lie. You may have a difference of opinion, but we'd appreciate you retracting the notion we are lying. We agree with much of the rest of both of your posts, incidentally. Even if one of them completely contradicts the other!

    • Candieas let them score he fuckin stopped when he should have followed him to the back post

  9. The fact of the matter is that some of these players are not good/Strong enough to take us forward and unless someone comes in with serious money to spend on better players, then am afraid 55 won't be coming anytime soon+Gerard still doesn't know when to make changes as/when required when we're under pressure… watp

  10. Fair enough, you are right. It was uncalled for and I retract it and apologise for suggesting you are a liar. I know it's all about opinions. So please accept my apology.

    Do you mean contradicting myself in regards to Candieas? I thought he was okay tonight but my comments are in general at his play over the season. I think that side of the park is our weak side and him and Tav together flatter to deceive. Candieas for me just always seems too eager to get rid of the ball. Wingers are one position we need guys to want the ball and hold onto it till they make something happen(not too long though like Kent sometimes was tonight). Candieas doesn't seem to have the desire, bravery or pace for that. Tavs a lost cause for me. Just far too many times now to consider him anything other than a liability. We can't afford to sacrifice our stability and shape for his crosses. Especially away from home were teams are braver. This is why I would prefer a winger who can do that job and hold it up, dribble, hit the byline etc and let our fullbacks hold some shape. Tavs devoid of it. Just not in his game. Perhaps Tav would be more suited 1 forward instead of Candieas and Candieas maybe one in playing behind a striker? Who knows..apologies again for my accusation. Keep believing. When all is said and done we are in better shape on and off the park than we have been for a long time..cheers.

  11. We made them look good, again. We knew what to expect and let them dominate. I'm absolutely sick of Rangers 'bossing' the smaller teams and 'falling down' to the top six. Something is terribly wrong here. Agree with most of the comments, other bears have put here. We're just not good enough, yet. That is abundantly clear. Time, for another clear-out.

  12. You can’t compare Candieas with Cooper and Laudrup. To say people are lying is not right mate. You have an opinion but if someone else’s is different it doesn’t mean that your lying. We all see the game different. That’s what football is all about. I’m getting pissed off people coming on after a bad result slating our club,”He should go , This one should go”And then when we get a good result we are the best thing ever. We have to look at it over the full season and we are improving.

    • I know mate and did apologise. Wasn't called for. To be fair I've been consistent. I've been saying we won't win things with guys like Tav since he came. We as a club are far to soft round the edges and have been since Smith left. We need fullbacks whos main strength is defending. Making excuses for Tavs defending because he gets forward is a busted flush. We simply can't defend like Tav has done consistently since he came and as long as that problem exists we will slip up when it matters most in my opinion. I know Candieas can't be compared to those guys but their traits and style of winger is what I believe we need. Overall we are Deffo progressing in most areas as I've said but we have never addressed our weakest area in my opinion. Cheers mate. Watp

  13. Not good enough no consistency no Morelos no fight The spoonburners could feel an equliser coming as we mist glorious chance after Chance we only have ourselves to blame. The beggers will walk all over the sheep today and go 10 clear and with the goal difference make that 11. Our buble has well and truly been burst and as for Alfie tonight let's forget this 20 million pish if any scouts where at the game tonight do we think they have walked away giving aye let's get 20 million bid sharpish a don't think so. But hey only my opinion and we know what I say about that it's like arseholes everybody has one.

  14. Another trophyless year. League is over now. We will need to get used to it. There is no fight in these guys. No Bomber Browns or Ian Fergusons who would die for the jersey.they are an embarrasment.

  15. The ned who ran onto the pitch even managed to get the ball of Tav. He would probably have put in a better cross as well! Terrible performance..

  16. Too much of a coincidence. Three quarters of the team, going to sleep, at the same time. This is wilful, half-heartedness. But there SG will be on Monday. Making excuses for them at the next press conference, instead of ripping them a new one. Which he SHOULD, be doing. I'm sick of their lacklustre performance. Every time we meet a top-six team. No heart. Not good enough by far. Clear-out time must come, this Summer.

    • Agreed, too many followers looking at each other to do something and not enough leaders in the team. Back in the day with Ferguson certain players would play their hearts out and lift their standards higher than they even though possible just to win the respect of the captain..As did players at other teams such as Liverpool with Gerrard, Man U with Keane and so on. I may be simplifying it a bit sure, but you win leagues and grind out against better opposition when you are lifting your standards high as you possibly can, digging deeper and giving extra when it's required most. You can't roll over an easy Hamilton Accies with 50% effort then have that mentality when facing a tough Hibs or Aberdeen and that is what we are trying to do!GErrard is aware of it clearly but the players have to be aware of it too and realise it's going to be tougher both mentality and physically against top 6 teams. We simply don't have the players with that in their lockers unfortunately. They are good players but they don't have the Rangers mindset.

      One of the big factors that get results is having players lift their game because their captain or team mates who are leaders have been drilling it into them what is required when they visit such and such a ground, letting them know that only 100% is acceptable….Are players in our team gonna be lifting their standards for Tav, are they gonna be lifting their standards for each other? Is anyone outside of Gerrard gonna be telling them what is required? Nope, as shown. It needed more than Walter Smith to get Rangers digging deep when required and that is a fact! Yes these boys can play football and look the part when it requires just good passing football etc(our facilites and coaches ensure that) but they simply can't dig deep when needed most. I know you say clearout is required, I think that is the case if we don't get leaders in and on the park. guys like Tav, Candieas, Halliday etc for me would all lift their games if a Barry Ferguson type was in charge on the park demanding Tav hold the shape, Demanding Candieas acts braver and takes people on, demanding Halliday keep switched on. They are good enough footballers..we just aren't getting the best out of them. Fans excuse Tavs defending because he can cross a ball when he's under no pressure, others moan he's weak defensively. Both are true, and a leader on the park may just help him do which part is required when during games..Who knows!

  17. What is it about Easter Rd? I thought our best away performance of the season was the last game there when we should've won easily. Then here we go again. I thought we were excellent in the first half and should've been out of sight but badly lost our way in the second half.
    I think some of our players have character flaws that stop them stepping up when the going gets tough and it will need to be addressed for next season.

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