Could sensational swap deal secure Rangers star this summer?


With Rangers now confirming the price on the head of star striker Alfredo Morelos, we’ve heard rumblings of interest from Liverpool. Only rumours mind, pinch of salt, or indeed sack of saxa here.

But nevertheless the mumblings are there, and this summer, Jurgen Klopp could be among the many interested in securing the Colombian international – which raises a valuable and tantalising possibility;

Could Alfredo Morelos help Rangers permanently secure Ryan Kent?

If Rangers are serious about clinching the winger permanently, could he be used as part of Alfredo Morelos’ transfer fee?

Would a £15M+ and Ryan Kent bid be a useful and valid way to snap up the former Freiburg winger?

Sure, his form has suffered a little with Rangers’ system recently – and from a lack of understanding with left back Borna Barisic, but nevertheless we know how devastating Kent can be when on his game, and if he and Morelos can be used in concert with each other to get Rangers a huge chunk of a cash and a coveted winger, we’d have to say that’s a good start to the summer!


  1. Ive not heard these rumours but ive always thought morelos would be perfect for Liverpool and im sure stevie will be keeping klopp informed. Maybe blue tinted specs but i think he is better than firmino. 15 mill plus kent is fair…lets do it! Big sell on clause for alfredo tho…he will get sold for more!

  2. I'd take that deal..although i do like the idea of a bidding war. Especially if we get £25m from Leicester that ends up contributing to a team that pumps them

  3. From a selfish point of view, I would rather he went to a lower or mid table team. Because he then gets a second, larger move for more money and we get a fat sell on %age.

    Also, he is more likely to play at a team that is not top 10 in Europe. Mind you, if he doesn't play and gets unhappy, maybe he would want to come home? Wishful thinking, I know

    • Signed by liverpool £15 mill plus kent then loaned back to us for the season! If carlsberg done Rangers transfer deals…:-D

  4. What's going on here are people or are we being for real. Do we honestly think Morelos is going to walk in to the Liverpool team get real guys. They have Sala and co up there and our top striker ain't going to be challenging any Liverpool striker for a place. Aye 25 million to sit in the reserves it ain't happening and the quicker we accept it the better. Any way who quoted Klopp on this the same person that quoted Brenda. When we do sell Morelos it will be z reallity check for us as we won't even get double figures for him and we know it. Rant over let's destroy the sheep and move on to ceptic

    • So Scud, we won't get £10 million for him – I take that to be your double figures, not £10-£99!! Even though it is actually 8 (eight) figures, I am confident we will get it and more. Otherwise he won't be going anywhere.
      Not sure what you are basing your valuation on, feel free to emlighten us

    • Nice one I.N 💪😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

      WATP LETS GO DEFOE 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. I think if that 'was' true, that Liverpool should get, 'first refusal.' Liverpool have helped us, in our climb back to our rightful place and that, can't be forgotten. Ok, yes it's true, we are helping them, with their young prospects. But they didn't have to do anything, for us. So yes, i'm all for Liverpool, getting first dibs. It seems fair, to me.

  6. I really don't see a Morelos move to Liverpool as being on the cards. Whilst Liverpool could well afford to pay £15-20m for a player with potential, I think Morelos will want to move somewhere there is a chance of him being a regular first team pick. That isn't going to happen at Liverpool with the quality of forward players they have at their disposal – Salah, Mane, Firmino, Sturridge, Origi, Shaqiri. Not too bad a selection for Klop to choose from, all of these guys have proven themselves at a much higher level than Morelos has played. That's not to say that Alfredo doesn't have the potential to develop and reach their level, but he has some way to go. I suspect somewhere like Leicester is more realistic at this stage, as a stepping stone on his route to the top.

    But a bidding war for his services would certainly be good…unless he decides to stay at Ibrox for another season. Unlikely…but I can always hope…

  7. Kent won't be at Ibrox past the summer, we already have Murphy, Mideton, Grezda & Candieas on the books for our wide options aswel as Jones coming in from Killie, why spend daft mkney when we already have enough players in that area of the park, we need to concentrate on replacing Freddo of he goes, getting a magic number 10 who can unlock teams from MF & another CB

  8. Morelos won't go to Liverpool
    But if the right team came in for him …

    Instead of £20-25m cash
    How about £16-17m and a Half Decent ST in return? 🤔🙌🏻

  9. To bring this back to earth a wee bit , Morelos thinks he's better than he actually is imo !! He wants Champions League football preferably in the Prem , he spits his dummy out in the Spl when things go against him on a regular basis , in a top league his Strength will be cancelled out so will his pace and his sharpness isn't really great anyway leaving you with a bang average player …all said I still love him and he should stay where he is and enjoy next season, he would be even more miserable sitting on the bench at at a financially " bigger " team … " The grass isn't always greener " but I fear the double size wallet will be the deciding factor an average team in a good league …I wish him all the success in the world …as least he will look back at Rangers with Good memories.

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