Brendan Rodgers and the £30M Ibrox kitty


With Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers’ interest in Alfredo Morelos well-documented now, it begs a huge question;

Just how much would the ex-Celtic manager offer Rangers for his services, and could that money have a major impact on next season’s title race?

The bid would be in this summer, and while Rangers made a £5M profit in the recent accounts, market value estimates of Morelos range from £10-£25M depending on what kind of form he’s in.

And the fact is a sizable bid will be required to wrest a player of his age, ability and contract length (signed till 2022) away from Ibrox to the board and Steven Gerrard’s satisfaction.

The fact he’s an international too will bump up the amount Rangers would expect to get for him.

Which then leaves the question of how much is in the kitty for Gerrard to play with for next season.

Stevie was unable to spend anything in January, save for £100K on Kamara – the rest were frees and pre-contracts. But last summer the club allowed him to spend around £10M on the likes of Connor Goldson and Nikola Katic.

If we take that base figure, that every summer the base kitty Gerrard will get (like Pedro got before him) is the £10M mark, then anything beyond it is based on players sold – and Alfredo Morelos could well be a goldmine if the club play their cards right.

And if Rodgers is serious about his interest in Morelos, not only will it give Celtic fans another reason to hate him (giving Rangers millions?) but it will help Rangers compete far more convincingly next season if Gerrard suddenly has a warchest more like £30M than £10M.

And perhaps with the sales of other players who have some value (Tavernier) and/or who haven’t really settled (Barisic) Rangers could well have a serious amount of dough to play with this summer.

Of course, it’s all ifs and buts. We don’t know for sure Rodgers wants Morelos. And more than likely he’d try to get him on the cheap. But if he (or anyone) was to pay market value for this young hot property Colombia striker, Rangers’ summer transfer business would start to look the most serious it has for many, many years.

And that can only be a good thing.


  1. Whatever the price is, we should add on a third, above asking price, just because it's Brenda. Tbh, i think bigger teams than Leicester City, may step up in the summer. Especially, if he scores a ton more goals for us, until end of season.

  2. £15m – £17.5m would be a Fair Price

    Question is then, Who we get to replace him?
    Defoe will be back at Bmouth soon
    Lafferty isn't Scoring
    And Hardie isn't going to get his chance anytime Soon…

  3. For a start has Brenda been quoted on a bid or of any interest in the player. Remember this is the player that could not score against his beasts from the east. More hype from the smelly scottish press taking the piss out of us and you ibrox noise is feeding from it disappointed in that. Come on mate get real you have us getting by on loans and freebies to spending 30 million quid plus for Morelos and Tav next season that ain't going to happen. We will get back to the top at some point but not by fake news or by hype. Let's try and get real here mate we ain't never going to spend 30 million quid plus on players from a transfer kitty. The beggers have that money now and won't spend it. We don't have it and you have spent it. Again constructive criticism mate no hard feeling.

  4. On transfer market he is valued at £3.
    We did not make a £5m profit. I work in finance. I read the full accounts in the summer. It stated that we needed £7.3m in loans for getting us theouth the season. If you go onto companies house website, you will see that we took another high interest loan from close brothers.
    Why would you take a loan off close brothers if you are £5m in the black?

    • Loans were converted to shares. £5m was half year profit as against loss for full year of £13m. But half year was step in right direction but included Euro money. Our turnover was up substantially and hopefully a lot of dross will be off books by June. So SG could be given an increased amount. Also. Is there not going to be a further share issue. The King legals are finished . All we need to do is get the Ashley matter resolved. So I expect there will be more ones next year. But I am not an accountant.

  5. I want £20 plus. Happy for him to go to a smaller team, like Leicester, because we can put in a sell on clause which will deliver a bit more when he matures and moves again.
    But replacing him will not be easy. If we can't get one like him and a No 10 lockpick, we may need to try 4-4-2

  6. No one will offer us any more than £12-15 million he is miles away from 20-30 million. Good player but as we seen with all the Dembele hype up here nobody from the EPL put a bid in above £15 million.

  7. If we were to pull in say £20m for Morelos then don't assume it will be spent on the team, nor should it. We've still got high running costs and can't rely on the great European run we had this season every year. We spent £10m in each of the last 2 summers because we needed to replace the whole team virtually. That won't be the case this season. Our policy going forward should be to buy 2 players in the £3m price bracket, 2 good Bosmans, 2 good loan players and hopefully promote one or two youths. Build the team gradually.

    • Robrob, exactly. We build gradually, promote youth, sell a player each year and still move forward.
      Jobs for summer 2019, replace Morelos if he goes. Get a No 10 playmaker. Try to get Kent. Get another CB, ideally Halkett. Get rid of some dead wood. That is all achievable if scouts have been working hard.
      This way we will be more ready for Europe than this season. We may need to be, we rode our luck this year and it may have been used up.

  8. Please please stop this 20 mill it is embarrassing and deep down we know it I have said already we should be happy with 4/5 Mill. We all know where this shite is coming from but do we know where the money is coming from. Start playing the kids.

  9. This is all paper talk, most likely conceived to get into arguably our best players head and disrupt the momentum we are in just now. If Rodgers did actually say this then the same principle applies, how much more hatred would there be towards Rodgers if Celtic now slipped up and lost the league to us, only one person would get the blame. There is also no way Leicester or anyone else is going to pay £20 mil for a player in the Scotland who constantly keeps saying he wants to play in the English Premiership, not even in the future but the next transfer window for goodness sake, and because of that teams know the power is with the players now, so Gerrard should ensure Morelos stops this constant talk of wanting to go to England as it’s going to affect his value and possibly causing undue distraction within the team.

  10. Need stop bringing old men back morelos a good scorer of goals but layabity in big games sell we need disciplined and focused forwards.

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