Astonishing reveal about Ross McCrorie – this can’t be true?!


With Rangers going into this weekend’s Old Firm clash in some of the worst form we can remember, any positive omen is thoroughly welcome, and a stat about Ross McCrorie does suggest a very strong one Steven Gerrard could take advantage of.

For every start Ross McCrorie has made domestically in any competition this season for Rangers, we remain unbeaten.

That’s right – Ross McCrorie has never been in the losing side as a starter once in any cup competition, or crucially, in the league.

Even more stunningly, the only time all season Rangers have lost with him in the side was by a solitary goal in the Europa League in Vienna.

More stunningly yet, we can go further – not only have Rangers never lost once in the league this season with McCrorie as starter, we haven’t lost once with him on as a sub either. And more astonishingly further? This rule applies domestically. To all competitions.

The only match this season where Rangers have lost with McCrorie in the side, at all, is that trip to Rapid in the Europa League.

Is it any wonder we at Ibrox Noise have been bigging this kid up ridiculously the past three months?

If Steven Gerrard wants any chance at not losing on Sunday, this selection is a no-brainer.


  1. Totally agree. No idea why he was dropped in the first place. Hasn't put a foot wrong in any game I seen. The red card he got early in the season was because of a katic slack pass

    • But was still a stupid tackle on his part and left us to play for 70 mins with 10 men. Fortunately we were 2 up at time and playing team at bottom of league. His heart is in right place. In my eyes he is work in progress. Short on ball skill.

  2. Problem is SG feels KanaKa offer more going forwards.
    Personally, I would rather have McCrorie lock the back door with 2 CBs and let full backs get forwards.

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