An unexpected £20M has surely appeared at Ibrox


With Borna Barisic’s first goal for his country and subsequent praise from his home media over his whole display (not to mention some of our own, shock horror), attention has to turn to consequent value.

Rangers paid £2M last summer for this Croat international, a Croat international who is now no longer a fringe player for his country but a fully-fledged starter and regular, and has scored for his nation too.

That is big value, however you frame it.

Oh, and the fact his nation are ranked fourth in the world and comfortably made the world cup final last summer probably helps too.

In short, Barisic, internationally-wise, is at the peak of his career. Even if his start to life at Ibrox hasn’t been the most sparkling, to do it at international level against various levels of competition such as Portugal shows Barisic is the real deal and his value is no longer £2M.

It’s evident to see that a Croat international with a goal to his credit aged in his healthy mid-twenties is worth easily beyond £10M. Chelsea’s Kovacic cost Inter £15M from Zagreb in 2013, and Real £30M in 2015. Kramaric £10M in 2015. With transfer fees now absurd, a Croat international these days at his age is a standard of £20M.

It’s not pie in the sky, it’s what players cost at that level and barometer now.

With one goal and a fine all-round display last night, Barisic’s value skyrocketed in line with what international players at his level cost.



  1. jesus christ! get a grip! the problem is teams get money like that because they can afford not to sell unless you are completely deluded our club cannot. Rangers are losing money over fist dont listen to King and Jim traynor the fact is we would tear someones arm off if they offered 5m for him and thats being generous! nonsense like this is why everyone laughs at us get a fucking grip on reality ffs

  2. Maybe you will lay off the guys back now if he has a bad game now since you value him at 20 million quid. One good game does not make you 20 million quid player. But good on the boy let's not put to much pressure on him let him enjoy himself.

  3. IAM going to say something here that a few of my regular contributors may disagree with. Barasic is not only asset we have obviously including our would prized asset . I put Katic Kamara and in this bracket and if he can find his form again Goldson . I hope we build on this and add further quality .

    • We're not surprised by the response this article attracted – many supporters are eager to play us down and put the knife into us where they can, ignoring reality where they see fit. They complain about Scotland treating us differently to the rest of the teams – maybe they should stop doing it to us themselves. It appears the rules don't apply to us. Dembele gets a few in UCL – no caps for France. £20M. Barisic now does it at an even higher level – for Croatia in qualifiers – and the idea he could be valued in the same way is ridiculed. There's a real sadness with how our own fans are ready to smear our own – the reaction to our Ryan Jack piece was similar. It wasn't really support for the player either. Poor.

    • and this is exactly what i am talking about you live in dreamland pal 20M for Barasic and you accuse people who disagree of ignoring reality??? im leaving this page fucking delusions pal unti people who love this club actually stop believing this kind of crap and start facing reality we are fucking doomed…..AGAIN

    • Stuart imo it's you that's not living in reality. Waghorn for example was a player who couldn't cut it in the spl nevermind Europe or international football. We sold for buttons and he then moves for close to £6m. If that's waghorns value then the article is a fair assessment of a Croatian international based on his peers

  4. If we can sell him in the summer like most of our squad take the money and run, Barisic does not want to play in Scotland

  5. Don't find anything wrong with this article whatsoever and the fact of the matter is that we should always be looking for top dollar with any/every player that we have at our club,especially with players from high ranking countries like Croatia and if no one wants to pay what we want then who cares as we will keep our best players for moving forward…..watp

    • Indeed – the replies to this, in the whole, are not the type of Rangers supporter we can reconcile with. The one who supports their players and sees the best in them. Sure, we can criticise guys like Barisic, but at no point did we ever deny his ability, only his consistency and apparent attitude. That there's an uproar over us suggesting this value for a Croat international, whereas there was reluctant praise from our fans when Celtic got £20M for Dembele (all of no call ups for France, btw), kind of shows just how badly we beat down on ourselves now.

  6. He can turn it on for his home nation, but NOT, for the Rangers. Get rid of this joker in the Summer.

  7. When A TEAM WANT to buy a player, do they look at how many games they played for their home club & how they performed in these games? If course they do. So whilst he played well for 1 match at Int'l level, do not get carried away with the praise. As stated above, if 5M were offered their arm would be torn off in the rush.

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