79% of Rangers fans want this big change made permanent


In an earlier poll, Ibrox Noise confirmed Rangers fans prefer a combination of Connor Goldson and Nikola Katic as the chosen defensive partnership, but something else stood out about the top three final choices; Goldson and Katic, McAuley and Katic, Worrall and Katic.

Can you tell what it is yet?

Yes, that’s right – the common denominator among all the votes is that bar 21% of the Rangers support, the remaining 79% all want to see Nikola Katic as first-choice defender regardless of who his partner is.

This is a very telling stat.

If Katic gives one thing, it’s everything, and that’s the trait which clearly endears him to fans, and which made him stand out earlier in the season when the Gerrard era was underway in earnest.

And clearly the chopping and changing hasn’t appealed to fans, and crucially, the dropping of the Croat international.

Furthermore, that only 23% of the entire vote DID want Joe Worrall shows just how low his stock is right now, and how unpopular he is among everyone except his most ardent and tribal followers within our support.

After all the praise Stevie got for initially appearing to fix the defence, his knee-jerk breaking up of it around November still irks many, and confuses pretty much all of us. Hopefully Katic’s return against Killie wasn’t a fleeting cameo.

This is one where he got it wrong.