What on earth has happened to Allan McGregor?


There’s a lot to chew through from last night’s epic tussle at Pittodrie, and we’re trying to chomp our way through as much of it as we can, but we have to raise a bone of contention about Allan McGregor:

What on earth has happened to him?

He has clearly improved as a goalkeeper, which is pretty remarkable, and has already made some physics-defying breathtaking saves this season, and we love seeing that.

But those studs in the shin of Lewis Ferguson was the latest in a long line of quietly subtle ‘needle’ moments where our goalkeeper is getting needlessly involved with opposition players and lashing out, if not in a particularly obvious way.

We don’t know where this tempestuous side came from – after all, he’s 37 now and one would reasonably think a mature player would have come back to Ibrox – instead, as well as the wonderful goalkeeping at the level we expect from our Rangers stoppers, he’s added this surreal ‘argy bargy’ to his game, and we can’t really fathom why.

In an earlier article we discussed how Alfredo Morelos may grow up and out of his combustible nature, and mature as a player and man – McGregor seems to be going the other way and you can bet via betbrain uk it’s getting worse.

Sure, he commands more now, leads better, organises a lot better too – communication at the back is far better than it was under any other goalkeeper since he left.

But he’s added in this curious ‘violence’ and he really was extremely lucky to stay on the pitch last night – and not for the first time this season.

In short, Allan, you’re a grown man, cut out the immaturity and risking a card and just do what you’re brilliant at.

Thank you.


  1. He had already take a few blows when going for
    50/50 balls last night and had no protection from the ref. The stud was accidentally and he swung his legs round like almost every keeper does to defend himself

    • Really Stuart? Clean the blue tint off your glasses. We all know what he was doing and he must cut it out. The score was 3-2 at the time and he could've given away a penalty and put us down to 9 men. It was unprofessional and irresponsible and wasn't his first offence of that type this season.

  2. accidental? are you serious. this year as IN has correctly stated, the goalie has rattled more than a few off the ball and got away with it. Morelos is a liability and Greegs is heading the same way. Lenient refs , blind refs and SFA compliance are being more than helpful. positive aggression is fine but these two are adding levels of assault that eventually will bite hard. good NI

  3. He was exactly the same the first time he was here. He's a hothead and has his crazy moments. But he's still our number 1

  4. Not sure why you think its a new thing. Greegs has always had that wee stupid side to him, even back in his first spell, always came out to catch the ball with the studs aimed at nearest opponent.

  5. The only thing I disagree with is that you make out he didn't do this before he left. He did the same things prior to leaving.

  6. Aye, it's a bit strange. Also tends to happen in the bigger/difficult games, he's beginning to get a reputation & it'll eventually cost us and probably in a big way

    • Agree. How many referees do you think were watching that and taking mental notes to deal with it should it happen again. All benefit of the doubt has been erased.

  7. I’m amazed Greeegssy hasn’t been sent off before now. If he doesn’t get a retrospective ban for last night it’ll be a miracle. Terrible “leadership”.

    • Don't think he can be done retrospectively because the referee saw the incident and chose not to take action.

  8. Good article and agree. Mcgregor is going to find himself being suspended, and it will probably be a time we really need him most! His antics are drawing unwanted attention..simply no need for it!

  9. Back in the day Goram used to "command" his area in a physical fashion. "This is my box stay the fuck out" mentality. I think Gregsy is of a similar ilk but the attitude of the game has moved on from back then.

  10. I wouldn't change McGregor or Morelos one little bit. For years we had been bullied by teams, about time we showed some metal right back at them. We have been missing character at Ibrox for years.
    Souness, Roberts, Hurlock anyone??? to name but a few,,,
    So calm down, and support these lads, they sure as hell get mine!!!

    • That's not character it's thuggery and cowardice. How would you have felt had it been done to one of our players.

  11. Thats a few times this season he's left the studs in,it's going to catch up with him and i can see a retrospective ban coming for his stupidity last night…No Surrender…

  12. I agree that it was rash, but we have been bullied to long by teams.
    McGregor doing this sets the tone that it’s not happening anymore!

  13. Total nonsense havin a go for that. We would have to be Killin him if he pulled out of a challenge.let shagger have his fun.

  14. That's the thing Rob, our players have been victim to other teams since we returned to the SPFL and getting away with it. I previously criticised our team for being too namby pamby against the opposition, its good to see them standing up to other teams. I feel your comment of thuggery and cowardice may be a tad strong. It is a physical game, and our players need to be strong physically to compete and win games.
    I agree with Gerrard, if we take that away from our players, then we will be bullied.

    • Had a Motherwell player done it, it would've been thuggery. Standing up to other teams is not sneakily going over the ball with intent to harm when it's not expected. That is the action of a coward. Ferguson, who could play for us one day, could've had his leg broken. Standing up is going for the 50-50's, or even 40-60 balls.

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