“Waste of money” – £2M Gerrard signing must be dropped pronto


If there was a more miserable afternoon for Rangers fans under Steven Gerrard, we can rarely remember it. There is so much to chew through from this absolute howler at Ibrox, but because we’re really horrible here at Ibrox Noise and like to find a scapegoat to blame everything on, we’re going to choose the utter waste of £2M that has been Borna Barisic and call him out now.

We officially campaign on behalf of ourselves and anyone with any sense that this pile of Croatian nonsense be removed from our squad and permanently replaced by Andy Halliday.

We have frequently been insulted on here for backing Halliday, that he’s our ‘pin up’, but the reality is your ‘Rolls Royce’ that is Barisic is a coward, a waster, and has no interest in playing for Rangers whatsoever.

If anyone can name a single 8/10 display (other than the one against us for Osijek) he’s produced, y’know, this Croatian world class superstar, you’re doing better than us. Sure, he has an occasionally decent cross – we admit that. But his complete apathy to this team and this club has started to grate – and this afternoon was the epitome of it.

Sure, Andy Halliday at his best might not be as good as Barisic at the latter’s peak, but the latter isn’t interested in going there. He frequently has to be dropped because his manager thinks he doesn’t have the bottle.

Who showed up in our colours against Killie? Not Barisic, that’s for sure.

Now, we should attest here – we’re sure Barisic is a very nice guy who helps grannies across the road and donates millions to charity while standing in front of tanks in Tiananmen Square – we’re sure away from the pitch he’s a gent.

But on it, in our colours, he has nothing to offer and doesn’t seem interested in trying to.

He was by no means the only offender out there today, but he has run out of chances in ours minds to prove his consistent quality.

Sure, SG may persist and give him more opportunitiees and he may even produce a decent display here and there and like the fair souls we are we’ll give him credit if he achieves this, but somehow he’s just not going to be the player he should be or that we thought he was.

Bring back Andy Halliday.


  1. 100% agreed! Absolute coward with the heart of a mouse! The fact Wallace is still at the club and being overlooked for this imposter is a total disgrace! He actually moved out of the way of a rebound today instead of trying to intercept it! If we can get our £2 mill back then grab it and boot him out!

  2. Not sure that Wallace or Halliday at left back would have changed today though. Needed to start with two up top, Defoe can't play there on his own. So, 4-4-2 or 3-5-2. Davis can't play, full stop. I said in the summer he was not the player of 2012. I take no pleasure in his demise, I liked him and wish him all the best. Somewhere else.

    We still need a creative number 10. Lacking one, at home against a team sitting in, I would have liked to see 3-5-2. Tavernier and Kent on the wings, Arfield in front of any two from Kamara/Halliday/McCrorie/Jack. Defoe and Lafferty up top. If Lafferty wasn't fit enough, Kent up top and Middleton wide left.
    I claim no football brain, but that seems a sensible solution to having too many midfielders, not enough forwards and no creative 10.


  3. Steady on – put it to King!

    SG keeps making basic mistakes. If it is too early to sack him what about putting him out on “loan” to learn his trade just like all the young strikers he done to neuter us ?

    Meanwhile let’s get a winner in to break Celtic – Neil Lennon is a “bad loser” he would win the league for us …

  4. At the start of season we would agree that 2nd would be OK. We will be. We have been hit by injuries and dreadful refereeing and stupid suspensions. We are at best when Jack and Arfield are playing. No doubt SG is rotating with Wednesday in mind. Tomorrow will see our position improve one way or another day Wednesday will see us win in cup against Killie. We are building for future. Davis, McCauley, Worral , Defoe, Doran’s, Murphy, Fotheringham,Wallace will all be gone next year. Summer transfer window is where we need money. Youngsters are beginning to come through. Ashley isn’t sorted. Much still to be done. Get behind team and SG

  5. It's getting fucking embarrassing with the full team, 2 games no goals, no wonder the mhanky mob are laughing at us for bringing 2 fucking donkeys like defoe and Davis to the club, l would hand Gerrard his P45 now

  6. Tavernier and Barisic. Two peas in the same pod. Useless at defending so why are they wearing jerseys number's 2 and 3. Looking at the half backs on Ranger's books and disregarding Rossiter, Barjonas, Docherty the manager has simply lost it by buying Davis, Polster? The amount of names to fill 2 or 3 positions even with midweek games is downright ludicrous.
    And after a home performance like today against a team which hadn't got a point from their last four games showed our stable is full of plodders.
    Kamara looks a player but I fear the rest on today's performance lacked effort and were clueless and surely that is down to management.
    Halliday, Arfield, Jack and Morelos were very, very badly missed. SG should never play this team again.

  7. Enjoy your Sunday night Borna with your croatian pals…. The guy shits out of every 50/50. Waste of money. Bring back lee Wallace

  8. Is it just me that thinks . Is there nobody in the rangers team that can shoot from outside the box and hit the target . 2 big chances today and it was a joke how they hit the ball . School boy mistakes. Can't understand professionals that can't do simple3 things .

  9. Surely wasting 75k a week on a striker not good enough for the starting 11 tops Barisic. That money could have bought Kent and still had money left over, but Rangers never learn.

    • CC, I take it you have evidence to back up your assertion that we are spending or wasting 75k a week on Defoe?
      I strongly doubt that we are spending half of that on him.

  10. There was an article down south stating Rangers were playing half his wages for 18 months, and was working out around 5.4 million all in. That money would of been better investing in players for the long term, instead of shot players with no resale value. I think people underestimate the speed, and fisacallity of Scottish football, and don't see Defoe coping with it at his age, just like Lustig can't at Celtic an he's 32.

    • CC, there are articles down south saying Lord Lucan has been seen riding Shergar.
      Is there any actual evidence? Have Rangers confirmed this? We will find out when the accounts are published, but I am quite certain we will not be paying £35k a week, never mind £75k

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