Unwell, off-form or ‘something else’? Midfielder mystery….


Steven Gerrard last night claimed star January signing Steven Davis has been ill this week, but his omission from the starting XI and relegation to the subs bench probably owes more to events in his home town and, to an extent, his consequent poor performance against St Mirren than any physical illness.

The 34-year old’s form since returning to Ibrox has been steadily deteriorating and after his substitution off against the Buddies following a disappointing display, his place on the bench in the following match was a modest indictment of his overall form and likelihood that he is not anywhere currently near a sure starter – but after a mural of himself was defaced for the fourth time in a month in his homeland, we do suspect that’s more than playing on his mind too.

Davis looked in decent enough condition at training, but even despite illness and off-field trauma, we’re not sure where he’d have fitted into last night’s team in any case, and the fact Lassana Coulibaly was brought on ahead of him late on was maybe a bit of a favour to him by Gerrard.

And of course, why even have him on the bench when he wouldn’t be able to offer much?

It’s a strange one – we were happy to sign Davis, but while there is plenty of time for him yet to make an impact, we’re hoping that’s sooner rather than later and he also gets issues in his personal life seen to.

He’s a classy player with tonnes of experience, and there’s inconsistency about him just like in his first spell at the club, and that inconsistency is currently significant and affecting his performances but when a mural of you gets defaced repeatedly, that’s a pretty big cause.

Right now, he may be a squad player, which is a very surprising outcome after the hullabaloo over his signing but his state of mind isn’t being helped.

It’s an odd one and we do hope he gets resolution soon.


  1. I hope it's not another case of Lafferty-itus. Great form, till they come to Rangers and then flop. We're not putting up with it.

    • Joe, he wasn't great until he got here. He is not the man he was when he left. There is a big difference between a 28 yr old at his peak and a 34 yr old. I think we may be realising that. I hope he improves his match fitness, I liked him first time round, but will reserve judgement.
      Incidentally, am I the only person who now has to scroll through an awful lot of ads to get to the comment area? I have stopped doing it most of the time now, can't be bothered

    • Hi guys, sorry you're having trouble with the ads. We'll try to work on the performance but those support the site and keep it free. We're definitely not as bad as some sites for ads though!

  2. I'm sure Steven Davis will deliver when called upon …he's been out for a while and this type of kick hump aggressive crap by the SS wasn't for him …

  3. I was against the Re-Signing of Davis
    I hope I'm not proven Correct in that the Re-Signing of Davis was a Mistake

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