Thursday, 28 February 2019

The Parkhead meltdown continues as fans lash out....

Ibrox Noise noted with amusement last night’s banner at Tynecastle. While Steven Gerrard’s Rangers were tearing Dundee a new one, Celtic struggled desperately to clinch a win for interim manager Neil Lennon, but the banner unveiled before kick off was as laughable as it was extreme.

Don’t get us wrong – we were never exactly big fans of Rodgers and there was plenty of Celtic-esque hypocrisy to bore holes into with his general conduct, but as far as Celtic managers go, he definitely wasn’t one of the most hated by Rangers fans in general, compared with past ‘luminaries’.

And he certainly was successful there, whether we like it or not – which is why the meltdown at his departure has been so hilarious, and the banner last night one of the most comical things we’ve seen in a long time.

Suddenly, now that a manager has ambition to manage again in the most prized domestic league in world football, he’s a fraud? Plus nice to see such an attack on Leicester too!

Don’t recall too many banners alleging he wasn’t a 'true Celt' while he was winning them pretty much everything – no, this public meltdown at Parkhead is frankly a touch of karma.

But for a late late show at Tynecastle last night it could have been even funnier for those of a Bluenose persuasion, and in general we find their staggering whataboutery to be almost impalpable.

They’ve lost one of the better managers they’ve had to a midtable team – a man who jumped ship first chance he got.

And now he’s a fraud! Apparently.
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