The BBC have just explained themselves directly to a Rangers fan


As Rangers fans are well aware, there’s a bit of a tiff going on with Rangers and the BBC right now.

And one of our intrepid readers, a Mr Joe Chalmers, recently got in touch with Pacific Quay directly, to hear their take on the whole saga personally.

Joe sent us the response, and here’s what the Beeb said:

“Dear Mr Chalmers,

Thanks for your comments regarding our coverage of Rangers. Our coverage, including analysis and comment, is editorially fair. The central part of this dispute is that Rangers is continuing to operate an exceptional ban on one of our journalists which severely restricts our ability to report freely from Ibrox. We have offered to return to Ibrox to provide commentary, as per our contracted rights, while we try to find a permanent solution to the overall dispute, but Rangers have said this is unacceptable. We will continue to speak to both Rangers and the SPFL about the situation as we believe it’s in the best interest of our audiences to restore the ability to bring commentaries from all SPFL grounds. Thank you again for getting in touch.”

In short, the BBC claim Chris McLaughlin remains barred from Ibrox, while Rangers alluded to this not being the case at all.

Someone is clearly not telling the truth here, and we must admit even if McLaughlin is banned, he is not the only senior reporter at the BBC who could come to Ibrox and carry out full match day duties.

No, the BBC have continued to boycott Ibrox, for reasons which appear to vary depending on which source you read, and for the foreseeable future, it’s not going to change.

We have to applaud Stewart Robertson for opening this can of worms again – it was about time it was discussed, but even if McLaughlin’s alleged ban was revoked and he was allowed back in, we know any relationship between the BBC and Rangers has been forever tarnished and we’d never trust them to be impartial about us.

Apart from one case. More on that later…


  1. I was appalled that the BBC and this “sports” reporter seem to delight in reporting about the abuse suffered by Stevie Clarke at Ibrox.

    Clearly tthis abuse is unacceptable but was not the abuse suffered by some Kilmarnock players not a week earlier also unacceptable. Yet there was no in depth reporting by the BBC with sub titles for the dinging etc …

    Would a reasonable individual conclude this is really “fair” reporting ?

  2. Honourable mention must go out to 'ScotsWhaHae', who was the one who called for us to get in touch with the BBC, to get to the bottom, of the situation. He himself, has not yet received, his reply.

    • Theu are full of shit. Do you have the right to reply to that Joe?

      Man city banned a bbc journo before. Pretty sure they didn't stop sending other reporters to the etihad. I wonder what they would say in response to that comparison

  3. You just need to listen (I don't anymore) to sportscene and sportsound to witness the contempt their "pundits" have with Rangers you get the impression our very name sticks in their throat when they say it…tip hat to Rangers for pointing out the anti anything to do with us …..Wonder if the ref who sent off the Tim last night is a Rangers fan ? no doubt some dafty will make something up one thing for sure bbc will think it was harsh

  4. I! got exactly the same response from the BBC word for word earlier in the week. It is obviously their stock response to any questions regarding the 2 main issues i.e. bias and non-coverage. They are obviously refusing to take the matter seriously. However the BBC are regulated by OFCOM and here is an extract from an OFCOM page

    "What does Ofcom cover?

    We deal with most content on television, radio and video on demand services.
    Ofcom also regulates BBC content (except the BBC World Service).
    If your complaint is about something you saw or heard in a BBC programme, you may need to complain to the BBC first. The Make a Complaint page will let you know if this is the case.
    You can refer your issue to Ofcom for assessment if you are not satisfied with the BBC’s response."

    Maybe the next step is to refer the matter to OFCOM????

  5. Time for someone to organise a petition,I cannot imagine any well balanced football supporter,let alone Rangers fans not wishing to engage and let BBC understand the weight of feeling behind this.

  6. I made a complaint as a TV license payer to the BBC last season. Then it was specifically about their lack of radio cover for matches from Ibrox when it was clearly the match of the day. They would instead cover Hamilton v Dundee or some similar non event. I got a very similar stock reply and simply felt I had been fobbed off. I didn't take it any further then but things have since got a lot worse and I would urge Rangers fans to complain to the BBC and subsequently Ofcom when you inevitably get fobbed off.

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