Stevie’s big call may spell end at Ibrox for 21-year old…

Stevie’s big call may spell end at Ibrox for 21-year old…

For 28 months, Jordan Rossiter remained the stricken treatment table medical mystery Rangers could not for the life of anyone keep fit.

From a well-documented back problem which led to thigh and leg issues, Rossiter was blighted by ailment after lay off after injury after setback. He made Graham Dorrans look ever-present.

In the past four or five months, a mild miracle appears to have manifested itself – Rossiter has not only gained fitness, but retained it, and it looked to all intents and purposes that this once-hot property would finally realise the two and a half year potential he’d fleetingly shown and clinch a first-team berth at Rangers. Especially under Steven Gerrard.

It just didn’t happen – Stevie had his own men, choosing Ryan Jack, Lassana Coulibaly and even Ross McCrorie over the former England youth captain.

It became apparent the 21-year old (yes, he’s still only a baby) was not in Gerrard’s immediate plans and if he was going to make any kind of fist at the first team, he’d have to go out.

As we know, January saw him go south to League Two Bury, a standard well below his capabilities, and inside a few weeks he’s already had at least one man of the match award – but crucially, he’s stayed fit, and selected.

Bury supporters are falling all over themselves to keep him, and the kid is tearing the league up – not overly hard given how good we know he is, and the low standard of England’s third tier (with all due respect) and while it’s hard to call the decision not to select him a ‘mistake’ (given how good McCrorie especially has developed) it is nevertheless puzzling how Gerrard just wouldn’t cave and select him more.

Like Greg Docherty in the league above, Rossister has more or less become instantly the best player in the league – but while he must long term prove that fitness, that he’s embraced his temporary club and may even be in League One next season so quickly shows that whatever went on at Ibrox with him is over now.

The problem in Govan now is space – and as much as we love the lad, we’re just not sure Stevie rates him highly enough to want to accommodate him. The signing of Kamara and the Fin’s instant installation into the first team at the expense, for now, of McCrorie does rather show Rossiter’s status was quite low under the manager.

Maybe there’s still a chance of his breaking into the Rangers team, but we doubt it.

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  1. I do wonder if the level of "fitness" expected at Rangers is different from elsewhere. I've long suspected our players are mollycoddled and a one week injury often becomes a three week injury while players elsewhere just get on with it.

    • Mollycoddled is RIGHT. There have been times they needed a boot up the arse and the 'hairdryer' treatment. But the modern Manager, wants to wipe their noses and cuddle, the primadonnas. I miss the old days.

  2. Its quite simple now that he is fit he needs games , regular competitive football week in week out .We couldn`t afford to leave others out to allow Jordan to get a game every week until he go his match sharpness so this loan makes sense . Judgement on his future will come at the end of the season , if he has played a lot and got over his injury problems he certainly has the talent to play for Rangers.

  3. We need good young players. Our model now has to be develop and sell for profit. Who's to say by next Jan we don't get a silly offer for Kamara, we need to ensure we have a constant stream of players to replace.

  4. It was the right decision to put him out on loan. Being under the microscope everytime he played for Rangers and trying to get match fitness was near on impossible. Really hope he manages plenty of games till the end of the season then comes back for pre-season raring to go.

  5. Get him sold. Pronto before WE get lumbered. We're no a charity for glass-like crocks. He's one injury away from his career ending and I don't want US to be the ones left holding the crock.

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