Stevie favourite drops bombshell – Gerrard undermined?

Stevie favourite drops bombshell – Gerrard undermined?

Just after Alfredo Morelos finally started to look content and happy with life at Ibrox, the striker has decided to again announce his desire to leave this summer.

Just when Ibrox Noise and others were praising him for growing up off the pitch, and seemingly sending signals of his intent to stay longer, the Colombian forward has once again reiterated he wants to leave, which will at best displease his manager and at worst absolutely infuriate him.

It’s becoming frankly tedious to see his constant fickle expressions of stay and leave, and now we’ve got to the point where it’s time to take the money and to heck with him.

He said:

“There are many teams interested in me and a lot of them have watched me play. Most likely my transfer will be this summer. With the amount of goals I have scored, I know it has been noticed by European clubs. I have always said I would like to play in the English Premier League.”

This doesn’t go down well. Unless Alfredo Morelos quickly denies he said this (and why would he, he’s only said it 400 times since he joined) it’s another example of his disrespect for Rangers, his manager and the fans.

For every time he acts like he’s happy and content with life at Ibrox, he then throws in this plot twist by expressing the desire to leave.

Unfortunately no one bid enough in January for Rangers to take any submissions seriously, and this sideshow has gone on for approaching two years now.

As long as he continues to do the business on the pitch we can’t grind too much of an axe with his contribution in that respect, but evidently whether Steven Gerrard likes it or not, however much he wants to fight to keep the ex-HJK man, the kid wants to go.

And that isn’t going to change.

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  1. How is it a bombshell? It'd be more of a bombshell if he DIDN'T leave at the end of the season, given the level of interest in him over the least few months.

    • Touche. We were referring more to the fact that in recent weeks he's alluded to in fact staying though.

  2. I actually admire his honesty! The lad has ambitions for his career which no one can really complain about. He's hardly been quiet about the fact he wants to further his career in a better league. Of course we will miss him when he goes, but when the time comes, i'm sure he'll have the full support of every bear.

    • We know Alfredo is leaving. He has been honest. Saint Brenda was claiming he was staying right up until Sunday when he started refusing to clarify.
      They are beelin. It's great

  3. Zero surprise, he will go in summer but the club will decide what the price is gonna be, freddo just needs to learn to keep gob shut and bang goals in , he'll get his move , and we'll get a good 15+ million for him

  4. He was always guaranteed to go in the summer. It would be great if we could keep him for 1 more season but I cant see it. When he goes he will go with my best wishes, hes been amazing to watch.

  5. dissapointed in alfredo ,f,f,s hes not long here you would think he would want to lift a few trophies with gers ,is it all about money now ,good riddance we will get better without him stevie ger will have a few bob to spend ,lets go,

  6. Yes he will leave but once again were diving into half printed articles, if you read the full interview he clearly states he would be more than happy to stay with rangers past the summer due to the influence of Gerrard, as long as he has a chance to play for Columbia that is what his goal is and he knows through that the big teams will defo come calling.

  7. Sorry IN. You have it wrong. It’s respectful that he is using Rangers to further his career. He is just being honest. The SPFL is a Mickey Mouse league. Anyone with real ambition would wish to go to Premier League. If we get £20m for him everyone is a winner. But of course he must keep scoring goals. Even with all their money Celtic only signed leftovers from Premier league. And did nothing in Europe. Scotland needs Rangers to succeed in Europe so that our league can be taken seriously. So building from bottom but trying to win league is correct strategy. SG is doing well. As are board. But we have a long way to go. The stupidity of SFA and SPFL knows no bounds. But only Rangers can rescue them.

  8. Don’t read just what the papers wrote. Read the whole article. He says he doesn’t even leave the house much cause Celtic fans always try to get him to react by abusing him. That’s not much of a life and no wonder he wants out. And by scoring he will get his move and we will benifit too

  9. If the price is right and only if, he can go💰💰💰
    Nobodys bigger than the mighty Glasgow Rangers

    WATP LETS GO🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  10. When he signed him we know it was a stepping stone like most big players like him konchelskis/artetta etc etc no less than 15 mill scores another few hat tricks and bag a couple against the other half and columbia couch been watching for call up as well so money money money

  11. Well we are NOT taking 'peanuts' for Mr ego. So they better bring their cheque-books cos WE will be wanting, our recompense. Large numbers. The boy's ego is out of control, for me. Quite frankly, his self-interested ways are pissing me off, now. So let them all know, BIG money will be required. He gets what he wants, WE, get piles o cash. Simples!

  12. He will go and we will get a pretty penny for him, he has done nothing wrong but being honest and career thinking.. He's done awesome this season so good luck to him

  13. No big story here. If he goes in the summer we would have got 2 good years out of him and made big money on him. Now we just need to repeat the process Year on Year.

  14. I agree with the inputs mostly we all know he will go as soon as a decent offer comes in of 12/15 Million good business. We just need to find another .

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