Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Stevie favourite drops bombshell - Gerrard undermined?

Just after Alfredo Morelos finally started to look content and happy with life at Ibrox, the striker has decided to again announce his desire to leave this summer.

Just when Ibrox Noise and others were praising him for growing up off the pitch, and seemingly sending signals of his intent to stay longer, the Colombian forward has once again reiterated he wants to leave, which will at best displease his manager and at worst absolutely infuriate him.

It’s becoming frankly tedious to see his constant fickle expressions of stay and leave, and now we’ve got to the point where it’s time to take the money and to heck with him.

He said:

"There are many teams interested in me and a lot of them have watched me play. Most likely my transfer will be this summer. With the amount of goals I have scored, I know it has been noticed by European clubs. I have always said I would like to play in the English Premier League."

This doesn’t go down well. Unless Alfredo Morelos quickly denies he said this (and why would he, he’s only said it 400 times since he joined) it’s another example of his disrespect for Rangers, his manager and the fans.

For every time he acts like he’s happy and content with life at Ibrox, he then throws in this plot twist by expressing the desire to leave.

Unfortunately no one bid enough in January for Rangers to take any submissions seriously, and this sideshow has gone on for approaching two years now.

As long as he continues to do the business on the pitch we can’t grind too much of an axe with his contribution in that respect, but evidently whether Steven Gerrard likes it or not, however much he wants to fight to keep the ex-HJK man, the kid wants to go.

And that isn’t going to change.

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