Steve Clarke: “I am definitely not a f*****”


In yet another ‘twist’ to the whole story (and we hope this is the last damn time we talk about this) Steve Clarke has today denied any affiliation to Celtic and Rangers by stating he has zero interest in either club and can only assume the link with Parkhead has arisen due to his being a catholic raised in the west coast of Scotland.

Once again, the acute condemnation seems to only have applied generally and at the abuse he got personally rather than taking explicit time to utterly oppose what happened to Kris Boyd last weekend, even if he managed to put on the united front by carrying his presser out in the company of the veteran striker.

He said:

“I have no connection with Celtic or Rangers, the only part that I can see is that I was brought up as a Catholic in the West coast of Scotland but that shouldn’t be an issue in this day and age. Why is that an issue. I’m definitely not a f*****.”

And yet equally the Killie boss has finally apologised to journalist Craig Swan who reported he’d been approached by Rangers in the 80s, something the ex-Chelsea coach previously denied.

Why would he deny this?

It all just gets stranger and stranger.


  1. The guy is total fudd! He thanks Chelsea for rescuing him from the west of Scotland secterian issue…i have a soft spot for Chelsea but this is Chelsea who have had constant racist incidents at home and abroad, chelsea who have constant anti semitic chants, chelsea who come from London- the murder capital of the world? Get a grip of yourself ya greeting faced twat. Your kids might not know about secterianism here but Im sure they seen and heard plenty anti jewish and anti black chants! Hopefully Chelsea rescue US from his pish and take him away again, im sure they could use a toilet cleaner!!

  2. It is of course sad that sectarianism still exists. Both ways. Fuelled by ignorance on both sides. E.g. the Fenians were formed in America over 150 years after the Battle of the Boyne. Immigrants from an impoverished Ireland were brought to Scotland to help break strikes. That’s where resentment began. Rangers and Celtic colluded to keep religion separate. Hence Auld Firm. They were helped by politicians who agreed ro segregated schools at request of Catholic Church. A blight on Scottish society. Biggest losers were Catholics. Rangers are a football team. It’s 2019. Let’s move on.

    • Great to read an educated comment on this issue for once Stewart . Completely agree.
      I've always felt Most of the people singing these songs are not even religious!

      Only bad thing about being a season ticket holder at ibrox is listening to 'fans' singing about the UVF and king Billy (whos expedition to Britain was funded by the Catholic Church btw!) etc.. time for change.

    • It's time to move on from this religious nonsense but regrettably it will never happen. And BTW it's Rangers fans that keep the memory of Bobby Sands alive. In the words of the song "He's deid". Move on!!!

  3. I agree, Steve Clarke is becoming unhinged to the point he can't remember his own statements. He said that he wants consistency however, he fails to be consistent. Blaming everything but himself and his team, chopping and changing his views to suit.

    I wonder if he would have mentioned this if his team won???

    Im not ignoring the issue, im not sure why anyone shouted abuse at him. its a ridiculous circumstance we are in. But being a manager means looking after everyone, not just you. He should have broke down like he did on Wednesday when Boyd got his abuse. Good Managers ensure their players are OK. He says he is definitely not a fenian, If you are not a "fenian" why take offense? Im sure he doesnt think he is a wank either but I bet he gets called it.

    Deflect the issues when losing dont complain when winning.

  4. surely mr king did not offer him the rangers job ,dont tell me clarke, and ,mcinness knocked us back ,if thats the case its time for king to go ,im sure mr clarke was signaled out when he first arrived at chelsea he was caught writing celtic slogans on the chelsea dugouts ,

  5. He was offered the job. Mr king would have said other wise. We all know Gerrard wasn't first choice,who cares, let me as everyone, who would be offended if our players blessed themselves if they came onto the park?. It's a question that was put to me today??

  6. could not give a monkey's toss about Steve Clarke, would rather not talk about him at all, so concentrate in the famous

  7. The difference is celtic dont sign bigoted songs IN the ground, where as rangers do. They are smart and leave it until on the bus going home etc.Gentlemen, there is a time and a place.

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