Rangers just got a staunch defence from a very unexpected source….


Rangers have had a surprise defence launched in their favour from an unlikely source – the BBC.

Following Daniel Bachmann’s red card in the cup at Ibrox, controversy raged over the legitimacy of the decision. From the initial angles even we couldn’t quite tell ourselves.

However, BBC Sportscene, of all sources, came to the ‘rescue’ and produced an angle which clearly showed Bachmann striking Glen Kamara, whether accidentally or not, and the good old Been confirmed it was a stone wall red card.

Admittedly it was ex-striker Steven Thompson who defended the decision, and another of Rangers’ great friends Michael Stewart who debated it, but nevertheless it’s the BBC who provided the definitive answer.

And there you have it.


  1. Michael Stewart did not say it merited a red. But both he and Thomson said that it was no penalty at beginning of game though Stewart was choking a bit.

  2. BBC in general are nauseating at best. I stopped watching them long ago. I go to as many matches as I can and If I can't make it for some reason or another I have Rangers TV. Miles happier listening to Tom Miller and whoever has guesting with him. To be fair to him he is as impartial as can be even being a big bluenose. At least I know the club are getting my pennies rather than the bias, one sided state broadcaster.

  3. The Brophy Penalty Claim was Soft …At Best

    And the Bachmann decision was so simple!

    Elbow in Face = Violent Conduct
    Violent Conduct = 🔴

    Now why was that overturned? 🤔

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