Rangers have finally called out the BBC and the SFA – your move folks….


We’ve always been pretty harsh on Managing Director Stewart Robertson here on Ibrox Noise, ever since the Pedro Caixinha fiasco. We’ve even called him out and constructively criticised his conduct in the role of MD, while similarly castigating the payrise he got recently.

However, today Robertson finally grew a pair and gets wide applause from Ibrox Noise for calling out both the SFA and the BBC at long last and announcing that the former’s procedures are flawed thanks to the new Compliance Officer, and that the latter have confirmed they ‘treat us differently’.

We’ll have more proper analysis on these developments over the next day, but while Robertson has made mistakes, and oh how he has, we’d be utterly remiss to do a BBC ourselves and commit radio silence over this public and very justified condemnation of both Hampden FC and State Telly.

In a wide-ranging interview, Robertson revealed a number of key ‘plot developments’ and a great number of them were truly intriguing and extremely telling, but finally Rangers have used their voice against the BBC and against the SFA to defend ourselves, our fans, our players and our club.

Rangers have been treated like garbage for the past seven plus years in Scotland – the rest of the country probably thinks they’re justified in doing this.

But it’s little more than bullying, and it’s good to see the club fighting back.

Long may it continue. No Surrender.


  1. 2 examples of the BBC that have caught my eye this past week or so.

    First was the Alan Power kick in the head for Ryan Jack, instead of articles about the actual incident the had 3 about how Steve Clarke and Killie are being victimised and the kick in the head is being blown out of proportion.

    Second, in the match report for the tims on sunday, Kris Boyd "appeared" to be struck by a coin thrown by celtic fans. There was fuck all appeared about it, the video clearly shows it hit him and i have to wonder if it was thrown by Gers fans would that qualifiermhave been added.

  2. Anybody could have made this statement!! This is the guy who and I quote stated that Pedro was " the outstanding candidate " for the Rangers job , I would to this day love to know who the other candidates were ? ,this clown should have been sacked long ago for the absolute mess that HE got us into !!!!!!!

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