Rangers fans have screamed this at Stevie – has he just listened?


Steven Gerrard last night admitted he really wasn’t happy with the performance overall against bottom-of-the-table St Mirren and dropped a bit of a cryptic hint which appears to finally imply what every fan has been screaming at him since that experiment against HJK evidently didn’t work;

The diamond is a busted flush.

Gerrard once again started with the ill-fitting 4-4-2 diamond system and Steven Davis especially appeared to suffer badly from it as the midfielder struggled with his role and was unable to play the way he probably wants.

And Gerrard referred to this strongly when he admitted his team only really improved when they ditched that formation, saying:

“We looked better when we went to 4-4-2 with the wingers and we could have won the game more emphatically. But performance-wise I’m a bit disappointed today.”

With all due respect Mr Gerrard, your diamond absolutely sucks and even you can see the players do better with width and proper flankers – it’s time to end the ill-fitting setup and stick with what works.

You know more about football than most, so you don’t need anyone telling you what to do – but equally we can tell when you’re getting something wrong and it’s high time, like you did with the unsuitable 4-1-4-1 that you get rid of this nonsense diamond.



  1. Spot on Ibrox Noise!

    And this was evident in how excellent the win over Livvy was. And not so much against Helsinki, Cowdenbeath and St Mirren! Against better opposition (Killie) we were punished!

    He needs to stop now and get back to 4 3 3 for Pittodrie or I fear the worst.

  2. spot on ybrox noise we have threw away 3 important points against killie and gerrard still not fixed it ,morellos looks as if hes in defoes way just doesnt work ,big big game on wedensday ,back to the team that rocked smelly mob.

  3. If we are playing 2 up front its looking like we need to play either davis or arfield, not both. Kent and candieas on the wings. However, back to 1 up front against the sheep on wednesday.

  4. I said last night that Gerard was stubborn and I still stand by that, he won't listen to what we say or think and the fact that Defoe has come in will/has only made matters worse as Gerard can't leave Defoe out due to the money we are paying him,we are much better with Alfie up top himself and its not rocket science to see this and the only way I would play Defoe would be if Alfie got suspended or is out injured…..watp

  5. Why should SG listen to the fans? There are a number of different opinions, many absolute nonsense too. As for playing Defoe, I think you'll find he was on the bench the game before yesterday's!!

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