Rangers exits, bans and Celtic – what Scottish football won’t stop at….


‘Curious’ reports have broken today by ‘Football Scotland’ (a subsidiary of the Mirror and Record group) and some apparent Rangers sites that Alfredo Morelos is a summer target for Real Betis, on the same day as Celtic prepare to face another Spanish La Liga side in Valencia.

It seems very odd to us at Ibrox Noise that on the day Allan McGregor gets banned for two matches, a report linking our star striker with a move out coincides with build up to Celtic’s Europa League clash with the Spanish giants and our very own piece on Morelos’ contentment with life in Scotland.

These reports claim Morelos has in fact been scouted already by Betis, and one look at these publications and those who operate for them really isn’t doing much to dispel the anti-Rangers feeling that is currently simmering rather unpleasantly for supporters of the Famous.

We are already having to tolerate an SFA bias against us, while trying to fend off established media with their agendas, but now we have further sources of antagonism to deal with too.

All of this appears to have fallen into place following Rangers’ Old Firm win last year – excluding the disappointing Killie loss, Rangers are unbeaten since putting Celtic in their place, and while our form hasn’t been miraculous by any means, four wins of the last five in the league plus a cup success does suggest a touch of momentum.

Add the signing of Defoe, Davis and a glut of others in January and there’s little doubt the media and the authorities are doing what they can to hinder Rangers’ current renaissance.

And if that means turning Alfredo Morelos’ head with ‘interest’ from Spain, banning him and banning our goalkeeper for two matches and ignoring everything else, we guess that’s what they’ll do.


  1. I wish we had upped sticks and applied to join the English league in 2012. It's getting beyond a joke.

    I wish we could just talk about football, formations, teams, players goals etc.
    Scottish football has become a cesspit & all it's doing is selling it's self short.

    The Aberdeen game was a cracking game and all we see is folk complaining about this n that and saying refs cheating, players are cheating. No wonder we cannae get a good TV deal.

    Once we get 55 we should say cheerio

    • I agree. I would be happy to start in English League 2 and work our way up, leaving this bigoted cesspit behind. I have had enough. McGregor is no saint, but to say his tackle is so much worse than Power's is a feckin joke

  2. It no coincidence that our 2 best players are banned!
    As I have said before, what is our club doing to do about it?
    It feels we are taking all the kickings from the media and Celtic SFA and our board are lying down taking it!!
    Surely someone at Ibrox has the balls to challenge this disgraceful and obvious vendetta against our club!

  3. Both players deserved their bans. Mibbe Morelos might start to see that he can't go round kicking and stamping on people during games. He got away with worse in game against the scum and was a lucky boy not to get a retrospective ban. If he focused on playing his game and cut out the nonsense then he could be a real top class player. McGregor has also had quite a few incidents this season (as highlighted on this site) and he needs to cut it out. Take the bans and get on with it.

    • Jeff

      Both players deserve their bans to the same extent as Brown, Simonovic and Power. We are not arguing for special traetment, just fair treatment. What McGregor did in raising his leg to protect himself from an oncoming player, who had no chance of reaching the ball and could have pulled out, was no different to what that same player then did to McGregor. If you think it is, please explain in what way.
      ferguson gets a yellow, McGregor gets a 2 game ban after the ref changes his story to say he was partially unsighted. Never claimed that after the game. But once the Compliance Officer has got a hold of him…. surprise, surprise.

  4. We need to take some financial action against these monkies,at the end of the day it all boils down to cash,

    NO SURRENDER🇬🇧WATP🇬🇧💪1-0 2-4 😂😂😂👏👏👏

    • I would support a ban on away games and Scotland games and starve Scottish football of cash. Instead of going to away games why doesn't every Rangers fan, not just those that go to away games, donate money to the club. I'd happily chip in £10 every time we have an away game. That could fund a decent player in the summer while kicking other clubs where it hurts.
      The bastards don't deserve us!

  5. Sounds good to me Rob starve the cunts💪,lets bring septicpl too its knees,its time for action💪🇬🇧


  6. In agreement with RR57 and SWH, on this one. Two of the most knowledgeable fellas, on this forum. We smell a rat!

  7. All this talk about leaving Scotland guys get a grip. You think we could just show up and join league 2. The non -league down there won't go for that. We would have to start right at the bottom bottom tier to get a look in. I can't agree with the so called bias towards us a think that makes us look silly. The BBC are one who has been names as bias towards us and our club. Kenny Macintyre is one of Alec raw Billy Doddds Steven Thomson Kenny Miller Derek and Barry Ferguson I could go on all pundits for the BBC so I don't see bias there. But the more angrier we become the more we become like the beasts from east paranoia has to stop. We all grown ups let's take on chin and move on. WATP NO SURRENDER

  8. I’m not pleased with the bans, the actions of the players involved (as an ex-keeper, I know that Greegsy was out to do the lad), the sensational media coverage or indeed, some of our over reaction to it. I’m also not exactly fretting that the lads will be replaced by Foderingham and Defoe – if we are unable to win the next three, then using this as an excuse will be embarrassing.

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