Photo of post-Morelos scandal at Rugby Park – how is this NOT a red?

Photo of post-Morelos scandal at Rugby Park – how is this NOT a red?

Steven Gerrard, Rangers and Rangers fans at large have been left in disbelief after Alan Power’s ridiculous raise studs β€˜tackle’ was only deemed a yellow after the furore over the infinitely less aggressive challenge on McKenna by Morelos which got a red and a three-match ban.

Looking at the still of the incident, this is absolutely the same as reckless endangerment and how this was only a yellow beats us hands down.

Consistency in refereeing north of the border is an absolute joke and how we can take the system seriously when Morelos gets axed for three matches while Power only receives a yellow card is utterly beyond us.

Lost for words.

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  1. Agree 100% but do we cry about it? No! Get back to the top of the heap where we belong and let the rest cry about us.

    • In a perfect world Shimano, but I'll go for a normal world where im afraid you have to challenge because by not doing so that's how it has arrived at this juncture where we are being hung drawn and quartered. It can still be so with dignity and real punch. Ok…..where do I suggest to start. Club 1872 for a start, get the proverbial finger out. As I read earlier, the compliance officer is on the books of CFC legal team. Start there as CFC players never get OFFERED game punishment, check it out. Arise folk, let's see what happens to Kilmarnock player….will it be upgraded, I doubt it as our ex players say fxxk all in comparison to the out cry this week from the other sides ex players…we we you all know them. Trampled totally otherwise.

  2. Rise above this and get on with it.
    Not our style to bitch about every wrong decision , leave that to the rest of the haters!

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