Saturday, 16 February 2019

Mystery of the missing three Rangers....

We’re still digesting through the carcass of yet another horrendous Rangers performance, and we’ll have more reaction for you tomorrow (aren’t you lucky good readers) but we do have to wonder what happened with Ryan Jack and Gareth McAuley, and for that matter, Scott Arfield today.

The latter was not at training prior to this one amidst information of an injury, hence his absence today, but we’re less clear on why Jack wasn’t even in the match day squad either and Northern Irish international McAuley continues to be absent from said 18 for two matches in a row despite apparently being fit.

Jack especially was a big absence – we’re presuming a niggle picked up in training, but not one Steven Gerrard mentioned in his presser, and in fairness Ross McCrorie played well enough in his absence, but all the chopping and changing, whatever the reason, is simply not helping this club.

In Arfield’s case his form can be patchy, and he got dog’s abuse from some quarters after the Killie result for a slightly meeker performance than usual, but he has been one of the best players in the shirt this season so his absence was certainly felt. And Jack and McAuley have been mostly impressive this season when used and we cannot understand where they were today at all.

Goldson especially is suffering in defence without an older alpha to guide him (he and McAuley remains statistically our best defence), and while it’s true that we’ve had no concessions the past two matches with this backline, we’ve also not exactly looked as robust as that makes it sound.

If anyone knows where the three of them were better than our information, hit us in the comments.

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